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christmas-eve-box-post Christmas is a big deal in my house, it has been my entire life. Lots of family, lots of traditions, lots of lights, lots of talk about the big man with the white beard. I love every second of it. And I still do to this day. Don’t tell me Santa isn’t real…the bell still rings for me.

When I had kids of my own I wanted to carry on some of my childhood traditions but I also wanted to start some new ones with my little family. We have done a few things here and there but my favorite new traditions center around Christmas Eve. Growing up, the 24th was spent at my Grams’ house with extended family but now we celebrate with just our little squad. So we wanted to start some new things that are special to us, things that our kids might want to pass along one day. 

The evening starts with church, we get all dressed up in Christmas clothes and celebrate the true meaning of the season – Happy Birthday Jesus! Then we head home and we make English Muffin pizzas and eat them picnic style by the Christmas tree. After dinner is the Christmas Eve box. This is my favorite new little tradition and one that I wanted to share with you. It’s fun and special and easy! 

The Christmas Eve box is a box full of little Christmas gifts that your kids can open on Christmas Eve. The only thing they get to open and they are SO excited because they are just about to explode from the anticipation of all the gifts under the tree. Downright giddy and it’s super cute. I decorate the outside of the box in a special way and then place festive little treats inside that I know they will get excited about. If you want to implement your own Christmas Eve Box then follow the tips below and start a new tradition with your family!


The Box
Go beyond just the normal t-shirt box. You can decorate a larger shipping box, find a box that maybe has meaning to your family. Last year I got a great box from Hobby Lobby at 40% off. It’s pre-decorated, a non-traditional shape, sturdy enough to hold up to excited littles and be re-used and large enough to put lots of goodies in!


The Stuff Inside the Box
This is where the fun starts! You can do pretty much whatever you want here. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Pajamas! I opt for non Christmas pjs so they can continue to wear beyond just this one night. I do usually try to find something seasonal and wintery themed. *Tip- pre-wash them so they are ready to be worn.
  • Mug or fun cup. Perfect for hot chocolate or chocolate milk.
  • Hot chocolate mix and marshmallows. The perfect treat to enjoy together before you tuck them in for the night.
  • Ornament. I like to get them each a special ornament that represents them that year. We add to the tree each year and then we can talk about the memories of years past as the kids grow up. Last year Molly got a Wonderwoman ornament for her birthday party and Halloween costume. She loved it!
  • Christmas Movie. Add to the collection. Maybe even snuggle up as a family on the couch after the chaos of Christmas morning and watch.
  • Sweet Treats. Holiday Milano cookies, homemade cookies, chocolate kisses etc. Grab your kids favorites.
  • Christmas Book. I love adding to the collection of books for the holiday. 
  • Reindeer food. Put some granola in a little bag with a printable and you have reindeer food. We go out to the front yard to spread it around so the reindeer will make sure and guide Santa to our house. The girls get super pumped about this.
  • Santa Key. You might not need this one but we do. We don’t have a fireplace so Santa needs a way in to leave presents. We tie the special Santa key around the front door so he can let himself in and drop goodies under the tree.

christmasevebox4      christmasevebox3

Those are just some ideas. You can keep it very simple or really go crazy…it’s all up to you.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday…Merry Christmas!


What are some traditions you have passed on? What are some that you started with your family? We would love to hear what makes the holidays extra special in your house.


  1. Love these Hallie. Building great memories and those traditions that fit your family is so important. I love the something to wear and something to read, so you don’t end up overwhelming them with endless toys.


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