Settle Into Summer Reading


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The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived.

Perhaps by we, I mean the kids, as the moment in question involves a break from classrooms, lunchrooms, and school playgrounds. Summer break, where the days grow longer and the nights shorter. While summer break may be exciting for the kiddos, it can be stressful for parents having to navigate each day. One awesome way to keep the kids occupied, learning, and having fun is to have them escape into a book.

As a child, I specifically remember trips to the public library and the joy that came from hours spent reading. Summer reading is not only essential but can also be an adventure. There are many benefits to summer reading. Let’s explore below.

Reading is a great way to keep kids’ brains active.

Reading also provides a great alternative to screen time. Allow your child to choose a title or subject of interest. Let them loose in the library to search for books that interest them. I learned a while back that it isn’t so much what the kids read, but simply that the kids spend a certain amount of time each day reading. I used to think comic books, joke books, and books on magic tricks were a waste of time and brain cells. Turns out, any age- appropriate reading material is enough to get the gears turning and can be a great way to encourage your child to continue on with reading.

Summer reading programs also offer a variety of prizes as incentives to keep kids flipping those pages while school’s out. Your public library likely offers a summer reading program as well as fun and interesting activities all summer long. Adults are welcome to participate, so be sure to set a good example by diving into a good book as well.

Reading can prevent “Summer Slide.”

Summer reading helps improve memory skills and improves comprehension. Children who regularly read over summer break have an increased chance of a successful school year once they return to school. Reading also helps sharpen creativity and leads to better concentration. As little as 15 minutes of reading per day can help set your child up for success. Researchers generally agree that a routine that includes at least 30 minutes of reading per day can yield amazing results both educationally and behaviorally. And parents can definitely benefit from 30 minutes of quiet time each day.

Here are a few awesome summer reading programs with great prizes:

Dallas Public Library SMART Summer with Mayor Johnson

20-minutes-per-day requirement with prizes for every 10 days of completed reading time.

Plano Public Library Summer Learning

Receive a stamp for every 10 books read and receive cool prizes.

Sachse Public Library Summer Reading

Earn a chance to win cool prizes like tablets and memberships to the Dallas World Aquarium or Perot Museum for every 10 hours (600 minutes) of reading.

Fort Worth Mayor’s Summer Reading Challenge

Earn cool prizes and enjoy special guest readers during library story times.

Richardson Library Summer Reading Club

Free book prize for every 10 books read, plus a chance to enter a Grand Prize drawing.

Be sure to check for activities happening at your local library this summer. Special movie showings, guest readers at story time, and plenty of family-friendly activities await. If your child doesn’t already have their own public library card, consider helping them sign up for one. There’s nothing like the feeling of walking into the library as a child with your own library card in hand. Remember, it’s not so much what they read. It’s more important that your child spends at least 15 minutes per day with a book.

Best of luck on your summer reading journey!


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