Pearachute Kids Has Landed In Dallas!

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Budding Picassos enjoying Paintapalooza at The Enchanted Artist in Carrollton. Thanks, Pearachute, for the introduction!

Have you heard of Pearachute Kids? You haven’t? Oh good – I love giving people good news!

Pearachute is a company that offers a fun, fantastic, and wide array of class passes for children’s lessons, classes and activities each month.  Further explained, when you enroll your child(ren), you have access to any of their 40+ (and counting) partner sites throughout the Dallas Metroplex. 

The Dallas branch of Pearachute Kids is fresh, new, and growing daily with new partners and activities.

Pearachute Kids started in Chicago (launch date of February 2016) and now boasts over 200 partners and a whooping 30,000 potential activities in that city. The Dallas operation started in October 2016, followed closely by another Pearachute launch in Kansas City, and with plans to launch in several other key cities around the US. Offering classes and activities for children primarily ages 0 – 12 years old, Pearachute Kids has something for everyone.

How valuable is an operation like Pearachute? Let me ask you this: What is your toddler really good at? Is he already proving to be a genius in art or drama? Does she excel at swimming or dance or karate? Have they already shown tell-tale signs of prodigious expertise in foreign language or music?

Exactly. I have no idea, either. My kids are still figuring it out. That said, Pearachute gives us the flexibility to try out everything without spending a fortune in committing to several months worth of lessons and classes.

With Pearachute, we can test the waters a couple times and better determine if our kid is into it enough to continue that specific activity regularly. Just this week, my girls ran themselves ragged at Altitude Trampoline Park, bounced until they dropped at BounceU, and painted masterpieces at The Enchanted Artist. Next week, we plan to take in swimming lessons and ballet class.

Speaking of flexibility, how frustrating is it to have to skip classes you’ve already paid for because something came up or someone got sick or the baby napped extra late? Pearachute Kids allows you to cancel your drop-in plans an hour or more in advance without consequence. Reschedule at your convenience without losing any money or class time.  
If you’re interested in trying out Pearachute. They have three plans for you to choose from:
  • 3 classes per month ($39/monthly)
  • 6 classes per month ($79/monthly);
  • or unlimited classes per month ($129/monthly).

You pay your monthly fee, browse Pearachute’s posted schedule of available classes or activities, sign up to drop-in to your selection, and show up at the scheduled place and time without any further financial obligations.

One of Pearachute’s guiding principles is to grow businesses in our community. They work hard to empower local entrepreneurs, give them more visibility, all while providing families in the area with a wide array of super fun, very affordable, kid-friendly outings. I’m a believer.

As a bonus:: Pearachute is inviting you to give them a try for a special price! Use code DFWDOLLAR to try the 3 Class Plan for ONLY $1 during your first month! Check out their website to sign up or for more information!

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  1. I had a really bad experience with Pearachute. They do not have enough activities in my area. When I finally booked, the lady told me many people were having trouble with the app and my session was not going through. I decided to cancel and not renew. Not that easy! I always save cancellations after a bad experience in the past. Apparently the glitches continued. The Pearachute charges kept showing up on my account. After chatting with Pearachute, they said they would cancel. Guess what!? Didn’t happen. I had to send them screen shots of my cancellations. If it doesn’t get resolved, I will talk with my credit card company. Something is fishy! I would rather just pay for my own activities and book them myself.


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