Laura Moss

Laura Moss is a Dallas transplant by way of Lincoln, Nebraska. She moved to Abilene to attend college in 2002 and settled in the Metroplex with her husband Matt after graduating in 2006. She worked as a grant writer for a local non-profit for several years before becoming a stay-at-home mom to her three kids: Harper (February 2010), Cortland (February 2013) and Shepard (February 2017). Her other interests include faith and church, all things domestic, exercise and healthy living, Nebraska football, and her wealth of incredible friends and family. You can follow her blog at Mossketeers and you can always find funny pictures or videos of her crazy kids via her Instagram feed Mossketeers on Insta .

Recycling 101 :: How To Make Recycling Less Intimidating

My family visited the Perot Museum recently and we were enjoying a snack on the outside deck. For five solid minutes I stared silently at a couple in their mid-fifties who, for five solid minutes were...

Learning The Importance of Forgiveness

My four year old needed my forgiveness big time recently. She had an epic meltdown in Hobby Lobby last week over a candy/toy contraption in the impulse-buy section at checkout. I have heard plenty...

“Grown Up” Music That’s Also Child-Friendly

You can only listen to nursery rhymes for so long before you start hearing them in your sleep. My husband really loves music. He loves finding new artists, learning all the lyrics and backstories,...

When Honesty and Rudeness Look The Same

If your kid is old enough to form complete sentences, the chances are that you've been in a situation where their honesty crossed the line over into rudeness. You know, those times when their...
news sharing

News Sharing Etiquette :: Is It Your Story To Tell?

News Sharing. We are so overwhelmed and overstimulated with information, opinions, tickers...every screen, every minute, every day. But we're not just fed news anymore. With our blogs and social media accounts, we have become...

FANCHEST Has Father’s Day (And Game Day) Covered! {+Giveaway}

Dallas Moms Blog received product in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% our own! FANCHEST took care of our Father's Day needs with ease this year! FANCHEST is a literal treasure chest (for...

Healthcare Got You Down? Look Into Cost-Sharing!

Healthcare (health insurance and medical bill coverage) keeps getting more complicated, yes? No matter where we land politically, there's something for us all to despise about this industry. Perhaps healthcare for you is unaffordable. Frustrating. Unavailable. Confusing. Long before RepubliCare -...

How To Make SURE You Have The Perfect Number of Kids

The answer is really so simple. Are you ready? The ONLY way to make sure you've had the perfect number of kids for your family is... HINDSIGHT.   Some of you are mad at me right now...

Pearachute Kids Has Landed In Dallas!

This post has been sponsored by Pearachute Kids - Dallas. All opinions are 100% our own! Have you heard of Pearachute Kids? You haven't? Oh good - I love giving people good news! Pearachute is a...

Multitasking : The Cost Of Doing It All

A decade or so ago when I was interviewing for jobs just out of college, I recall being asked regularly by hiring managers, "How well do you multitask?" Clearly the right answer was to...

For My Girls :: You’re More Than Your Beauty

Dear Daughters and Girls everywhere, You're beautiful. You don't even have to try. In fact, you don't yet know what it feels like to try at beautiful, compare yourself and ultimately feel like you've come...

One Sick Mother :: Tales From The First Trimester

It's hard to find the words to describe the misery of the first trimester. When you can find the words, it's hard to muster up the energy to push them out of your mouth....