How to Reconnect with Friends


Two women hugging and smiling.Sometimes we get so busy in our lives and our kids’ lives we forget to touch base with friends. We mean to send texts but get distracted and never hit send. Perhaps a few years have passed and you want to reach out to a long-lost friend.

But how? Where do we start? Here are a few great ways to reconnect with friends.

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Shoot a Message on Social Media

It’s so easy to comment on a few of their photos or message them about something they posted. Ask how they are doing. Share a funny memory. Social media can be a valuable tool for reconnecting with friends and maintaining relationships.

Drop a Card in the Mail

There’s nothing quite like getting real mail. Buy a box of cards or grab a funny one from the store and send a few. It will remind those you love that you are thinking about them, even if you haven’t had time to get together!

Send a Text

Who doesn’t love a funny text or a quick hello to brighten their day. Send them something that reminds you of them. Just checking in makes people feel good.

Plan a Get Together

Go get coffee if you are first starting out. A casual, no-pressure coffee date is a great place to chat and catch up. Or find a fun new dinner place that you would both like to try. Make a night of it, just the two of you. Grab a drink after dinner if you can’t get away from your obligations. Maybe invite a few friends together and make a group out of it.

Another fun idea is a game night! It reduces the amount of small talk pauses and is always a hoot!

Two women look through a window.I’ve used all of these options to reconnect with some past friends. Life gets in the way, but they were our friends for a reason. Get to know them again. I have a few who I miss and want to reach out to.

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I’d love to hear how you were able to reconnect with an old friend and how you guys are doing these days. What did you do first? How did you make that first move? Reconnect with those you miss before it’s too late!

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