How I {Finally} Cleaned Out My Closet and Kept it Organized


home organizationHave you ever seen Under the Tuscan Sun? There is a scene where Diane Lane’s character talks about choosing a room and making it yours. I started on a quest to find small ways to start home organization projects.

We have been in our house since 2004. Thinking about trying to make any space “mine” on our budget and with two little helpers running around is overwhelming. But my closet? That was a space I felt I could do something with. And there was another thing drawing me to working on it.

How I Organized My Closet

I knew it would be high-impact for me. I was aiming for an almost-minimalist wardrobe. Yes, it was time consuming. It started out crammed full of all the things.

Step 1: Empty it all out

I did the whole KonMari thing where you take all the things out and then only keep what sparks joy.

The result is I’m wearing everything I own instead of dealing with an overstuffed mess of a closet filled with things I haven’t worn in years.

home organizationStep 2: Sell or donate

I sold and donated a lot. It was surprisingly easy to get rid of things. I kept less than 25 percent of what I started with. And I haven’t regretted getting rid of any of it. I used the money from the sales to order a storage system from Target. And it was on clearance!

The new storage system is exactly what I needed for t-shirts, socks, undergarments, and pajamas. I even have a bin that is still empty. And an adorable perch for my Caboodle.

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Step 3: Embrace open space

Now, more than half of my closet is wide open. Will I make myself a cloffice? Maybe someday. For now, I’m just appreciating the minimalist aesthetic.

We all spend part of every single day staring at our closet space. Why not let that be a place that gives you some peace? Before I cleaned it out, my closet only added to my stress and anxiety. Not a great way to start my day.

Step 4: Get inspired

After organizing my closet, it makes me smile every time I look at it. Even months later, I actually enjoy putting my laundry away. Yep, you read that right. And it’s true. Who knew folding my t-shirts and placing them in their designated spot could give me such a sense of accomplishment?

And now I’m all about taming the small spaces in and around the house. I spent a few hours one afternoon completely reorganizing our pantry. It’s small and wasn’t working efficiently for our family. I moved the things for the kids lower. I got large clear containers for baking goods, pastas, and rice that we store in bulk.

I have big plans for a big transformation of our entry coat closet and the bookshelves in the kids’ room. One small project at a time adds up. And with each project, I gain another space that makes me smile and motivates me to keep going.

What space are you organizing?


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