{microblog} Bloom Where You Are Planted


I’m a planner by nature, I like order and structure. However, there are aspects of my life that I didn’t plan, didn’t see coming, and certainly didn’t pray for. 

As the seasons begin to change and spring emerges, I’m reminded of regrowth. Just as my dry, dead flower bed will transform into a beautiful garden, I too, can blossom despite whatever storm I’ve weathered. 

All flowers have to start in the ground, in the dirt. When seeds are planted, the outcome is unknown. The major factor in whether a flower blooms into something beautiful or not is the care it receives during the process of its growth. Despite knowing if my flowers will blossom or die, I still water them, I still feed them, and I still talk to them with the hope that they will flourish.

I have realized in my life that things won’t always go my way. When that happens, I have two simple options: grow or not grow. 

Regardless of the weather, I will bloom where I am planted. I will embrace the life I’ve been given and count my blessings because I know that rainbows come after storms. 

  • I will drink plenty of water. 
  • Get lots of sunshine with my beautiful children. 
  • I will have meaningful relationships that will help me grow into the person that I want to be. 

This season, and every season I will do as the flower does. I will not compete with others around me, I will just bloom.


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