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So…I have a confession to make.  And let’s keep this just between us, okay? Because I am convinced I’ve kept this little gem under wraps! Ready? Here goes.

FullSizeRender (24)It’s “possible” that I may over research, overthink, and overstress about decisions my husband and I make that affect our children. To be fair, I’m not talking about deciding on our annual vacation. I’m talking about what type of school will fit their personality, when to send them to the school we choose, and the holy grail of decisions – public school or private school.

With two children, I have researched kindergarten programs for each child. My kiddos are completely different, so there really wasn’t much of a chance I would send my younger son to a school just because his sister attends the same one. But the craziest thing happened while we were looking into kindergarten programs – we found exactly what we wanted in a school that fit each child individually and perfectly. And it WAS the same school: Lakehill Preparatory School in Dallas. 

In Lakehill Preparatory School, we found a school that accepted and challenged our quiet, studious, shy, and self-motivated daughter. The growth we witnessed that first year of kindergarten for her was amazing. Her self-confidence grew, her social skills blossomed, and she became a leader among her peers that only a couple of years earlier we could hardly imagine.

DSC_3645And this year? Wow! This year my husband and I have seen our son grow leaps and bounds. From that brand new kindergartner who couldn’t imagine spending the entire day without his mother, to being the student helping a classmate, excited about getting to school every day to learn something new, and maybe even being a little bit of the class clown. Again, things we could only imagine a couple years earlier. 

The fact is that as a mother and a former preschool teacher (didn’t let you in on that little tidbit, did I?) I understand just how difficult the decision is regarding where to send your child for kindergarten and elementary school. And while not every school is a fit for every child and family, I urge you to visit Lakehill Preparatory School. I think you’ll be blown away by what you find. And don’t be surprised when you’re blown away seeing how your child blossoms and learns throughout the year!


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7401 Ferguson Road, 75228.


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To learn more about Lakehill Preparatory School’s programs and camps visit them at lakehillprep.org.



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