Brooke Bolt

Brooke Bolt
My name is Brooke and I grew up in a small town east of Dallas where I attended all of grade school…. a town where everybody knows everybody & where my family still resides! I moved to North Dallas June of 2016 and I fall in love with the fast-paced/ forever changing environment a little more each day. I graduated from Texas A&M Commerce in 2013 with a Bachelor’s of General Studies. I decided one degree wasn’t enough so I {crazily} decided to take my education a step further at Dallas Baptist University where I graduated in December 2016 with a Masters of Arts in management. I am a single momma to 2 spunky/sassy/hilarious/head-strong/energetic/beautiful little girls, Marli (8) & Madison (5 months). Aside from spotlighting as a pro mac-n- cheese maker & boo-boo kisser, I work full-time as a Pre-Sale Specialist for a group insurance company and am a Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay. My hobbies include constantly planning our next trip to Disney World (or as I like to call it, Home because we are a bit obsessed!), cruising through Target with a latte in hand, & of course, living my true purpose in life - being a girl-mom! The girls and I love to be outdoors when weather permits, hang out at Starbucks and look for opportunities to serve others! Just like most every mom out there, my life revolves around my children's social lives, so finding a moment to have a little “me time” is rare. Whenever that glorious moment comes around, I try to unwind with a cup of coffee or the occasional glass of wine and binge on Netflix. Our lives are very full and at times a bit chaotic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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