Stuck On You Labels: A Parent Win!


Gear up moms and dads!

It is time once again to get ourselves into back to school mode! It is all approaching (a little to fast!) and we have to have these tiny humans ready to go! We can all agree as parents that we spend a ton of money on supplies, accessories and clothes for back to school. Even when we try to “go cheap” and catch great deals, it is still a chunk of dough!

Of course, we do it because we love our children, but what is frustrating is the end result of said items…especially with our small ones! How many of you have heard some form of the following:

  • “Mom I can’t (insert item here)”….
  • “Mom so and so took my (insert item here)”…..
  • ”Mom someone has the same (insert item here) as me”…..

We do our best, as do our wonderful teachers, to make sure our kids come home with their own items, but let’s be real for a second. 9 times out of 10 it just doesn’t happen. So now what? You have to go out and make more purchases to replace the lost items! What is your solution? Sure, you can whip out the ole permanent marker and write all over everything, OR you can shop with Stuck On You – a durable, non-permanent (and fashionable!) solution.

I’ve been using these labels for a couple of weeks now and WOW! I impressed! In the past, I have used other labeling companies that looked fashionable, but even as cute as they were, it wasn’t worth the pain to have to remove the label for cleaning purposes. Totally not the case with Stuck on You! Their multi-use labels are temporary or non-permanent; stuck as long as you need them to be, but can easily be removed when you’re ready.

The Stuck On You Guarantee

Even with my 2 year old putting them to the test, Stuck on You labels have managed to still look new and shows no signs of wear and tear. Stuck on You items are guaranteed to be scratch-resistant, waterproof, dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe, and will withstand the wild moments of any child’s day.

Not only are the items durable, but they are also ADORABLE! There are so many different styles, and types of labels. Prior to purchasing, you get to choose your font, up to two lines of text, and you can choose from an assortment of icons.

Stuck on You also features other labeling tools like the Clothing Name Stamp to use on items like spare clothes, diaper bags, and snack boxes. Along with the garment ink pad, the Clothing Name Stamp is the easiest way to label your belongings without worrying about the ink running through the fabric or washing out in the laundry.

Another item I’m currently obsessed with is the Stuck On You Sticker Name Labels. I chose the Classic Mixed Name Labels and again had an array of options to choose from — colors, font, number of labels, icons and 2 text lines. As you are creating your labels and other items, you can watch them come to life. I love seeing a preview of what I’m buying right away so I know whether I want to change it right then or not

I’m sold.

More Than Labels

Stuck On You has perfected this labeling thing, but they so much more! You can purchase items like bento boxes, gifts, school essentials, stationery and so much more. The prices are just right with this company because their philosophy of “less is more” is proven through the price vs the quality. You get a PHENOMENAL product that is backed by the company and your wallet is happy. Happy Wallet…Happy Parent!

Right now, our readers can benefit from a special offer from Stuck On You. Use Code: DALLAS19 for a $5 coupon on your next purchase (sitewide). Take advantage and purchase the back to school personalized labels you know you will need with this offer.


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