Anxiously Parenting Through COVID-19



The world is a mess right now. It is chaotic and unpredictable, even more so than usual. Schools are shut down, our kids’ routines are being disrupted and we are trying to compensate for the learning time they are about to miss. I am a hot mess, as messy as this world.

I want to make sure my children are gaining all the knowledge and maintaining some sort of normalcy during this crazy time. But what can I do when we are literally taking this storm day by day? I have terrible anxiety, if you know me or read my posts, this isn’t new news. I have to say it is absolutely going high speed right now.

My oldest daughter also suffers from anxiety and I know she is looking to me to guide her through this incredibly weird time. She asks me daily if I know what the COVID-19 case count is, how far away it is and if there is a cure. I try to explain to her that we don’t need to be afraid, just very cautious. I say this through my own fear and gritted teeth.

Let me tell ya’ll something, it is not the virus itself I am scared of. No. I know this is serious and we all definitely need to do our best to keep ourselves and those around us healthy. We need to follow the orders that have been given and do them exactly as they have been instructed. Do I like being TOLD where I can and can’t go? Absolutely not. But will I suck it up and deal with it to prevent the spread of this terrible virus? ABSOLUTELY. What I fear is the reaction to the virus and how our world has responded in terror.

We cannot live like this.

We cannot teach our children this is the appropriate reaction to something new and unknown. Hoarding, becoming selfish, trampling over elderly in the store… no. This is not how we were intended to live among each other. Our job is to not let fear override our faith. Our job is stand firm in our beliefs and realize that our country has been through some strenuous times before. While we haven’t seen anything like this in our lifetime, we know we will persevere.

If I, of all people, can stop and take a deep breath and ground myself, I know everyone else can. I have had panic attacks at my new job (where I had to suck it up and stuff it down to make it through) because I have convinced myself that I am going to end up quarantined away from children.

Anxiety on a normal day is horrible, but when you throw in a crazy, unknown virus that the entire world is panicking about, I mean that just makes it a thousand times worse. My brain can come up with a million different scenarios that all end horribly. Medications are always an option and trust me I have them, but I have to remember techniques for assistance for a quick calm down. It isn’t easy and parenting this way sucks, but I just have to continue with the self talk of “you are ok in this moment”.

We all have it bad right now. Who I feel for are the healthcare workers who are exposed to this daily and have to completely isolate themselves from their families. Guys I urge you to do everything you can to sanitize and isolate yourself, practice social distancing and STAY CALM. Do your homeschooling with your kiddos and embrace this odd but precious time they are at home. We miss them while they are at school right? I know my anxiety is awful when my kiddo is in school. I am loving that I know she is safe at home.

I wish I had the magic words and special advice to share with everyone, but the truth is that I am just as nervous as everyone else and we are all clueless as to what each new day brings. What I do know is that for the time being, my kids are safe and healthy, I am safe and healthy and I am doing absolutely everything within my power to keep us that way. That is literally all we can do. Stay calm and focus on the things we can control.

I hope all you parents out there are safe and calm. I hope that your family is healthy and you are sanitizing everything like crazy! Keep moving forward everyone, our country will get though this and everything will be ok after all. Just keep the faith and be the leader in your family! Your kids are looking at you!

For up to date (accurate) info, follow CDC updates here.

For great tips on how to protect yourself and others, click here.

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