7 Things to Know for {Baby’s First Year}


For me, the last monthly photo is done. We’ve come to the end of my baby’s first year.  He is officially transitioning from baby to toddler. When I was a new mom, I researched everything. I wanted to make sure I was doing everything right. Bringing a small human into the world is no small journey. It’s the most amazing, humbling, challenging yet rewarding journey I have ever gone on. So, if you’re that mom out there researching a ton and scouring through website, blogs, YouTube videos and your favorite mom hashtags, I want to give a sense of peace and rest.

Things to know for baby’s first year: 

  1. Baby's first yearDon’t let anyone tell you, you’re doing too much. If this is your first child, do all you feel you need to do. You may later look back and realize, well I probably could have done without 4 different baby carriers. Maybe just one would have done. That’s your journey, your excitement, your baby. 
  2. Enjoy EACH stage, starting with the newborn stage. Yes, it’s true. Your sleep will decrease immensely but slowly you will gain more sleep as baby gets older. At least that is the hope. I am still amazed at how much I was able to do on such little sleep. During the newborn stage, they can’t do too much without you and they sleep a lot. Later on, they will demand more of you in different ways.
  3. Try not to lose yourself during baby’s first year, but if you do, know that you are still there. Once you become a mom, everything becomes all about the baby. Everyone wants to know about the baby, they want to see and hold baby. Your dreams, your goals may change a little, but you are still there. Make sure you don’t lose the essence of who you are. Journaling and prayer helped me. Setting goals for myself, my family and my dreams also helped. 
  4. ENJOY each moment. The time just goes by so fast. One thing I have made a habit of doing, is when I’m in a moment, phone, computer and TV off, I look at my baby and I say “God, thank you for this moment.” For me that helps me to cherish that moment as it passes me by at lightening speed. Its my way of just slowing down and seeing the beauty of it. 
  5. Find your tribe. Being a mom can get really lonely as our world is secluded to breastfeeding, washing clothes, watching baby, and sleepless nights. But if you can find a mom community that understands. You don’t realize how much you need the support and socializing until AFTER you go. 
  6. When you start to feed your baby food is entirely up to you and your doctor, not what other moms do. That is one big thing you will learn early on. Everyone has so much to share, but each child is different. It’s important that you listen to their body, your body and your doctor. It’s okay to hear from other people but know that your story may be different. 
  7. Postpartum is real. I was totally unprepared for it. It caught me off guard. I didn’t do a lot of research on it because honestly I wasn’t sure I would go through it, but I did and it was rough. I gave myself a ton of grace. I listened to those I love who helped me to know when I was seeing things right or being super emotional. 

So there it is. A few tips on you and your baby’s first year from what, I hope, is a different perspective. You’re about to embark on the journey of a lifetime, literally. It is my hope that you won’t feel too overwhelmed to see the beauty in the moment.



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