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I vividly remember the first evening we arrived in Texas.  I sat across from my husband at Village Burger Bar, exhausted from the 13 hour, halfway-across-the country trek.  I really had no idea where I was, as I had never actually stepped foot in this town before.  And all I wanted to do was burst into tears. I had no idea how important neighborhood groups could be in our life!

A few days before our trip, we stood in the yard of our home in Tallahassee, Florida and waved goodbye to all of our things in the moving truck. We had spent the first three years of our married life in Tallahassee, and it was a town that I had come to know and love; I envisioned us raising our kids there.  But as we all have experienced, that moment comes in your mid-20’s or first 5 years of marriage where you have to make the first BIG decision.  (I promise, there will be many more.) But the first one seems so pivotal.  So life-changing. 

And I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t do change well.  Even though I agreed that it was smartest decision for our family (and my husband’s career), I mourned my former town.  I missed my friends, my church, our beautiful home, and a job that I loved. But I held my tears back at the Village Burger Bar that night, because I knew the hubs was just as uneasy as me, and I needed to be strong with him.  (Or as we say in the South, put on my big girl underwear.) 

Fast forward 5 & ½ years, and things couldn’t look more different.  This has become home now.  And you know what has made the difference (besides all the incredible shopping)?….THE PEOPLE.

The Girls.  The Mamas.  The friends I’ve made while pushing swings at the playground, or sharing in the woes of toddler tantrums at Kroger, or sitting next to at Breastfeeding Class. This area is BURSTING with other moms in similar situations and walks of life.  Let’s face it, even though we feel like we are NEVER ALONE, motherhood can be sort of isolating. And whether you’ve been here one week or one year, the sheer size of this area can make it difficult to find a “tribe” or connect with other moms.

We all need a shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh with about all the hilarious mistakes we are making, a voice of reason in this monumental task called Motherhood. And let’s be honest…someone to text that picture of your baby’s rash to in the middle of the night and ask: “IS THIS NORMAL”?

Neighborhood Groups

Neighborhood GroupsOne of DMB’s goals is to CONNECT MOMS. And that is why we came up with “Neighborhood Groups”! Never heard of NG’s?! These are groups that are scattered throughout the Dallas and Collin County area that meet for playdates, Mom’s Nights Out, or just a simple cup of coffee! This is just another way that Dallas Moms Blog can be a resource for all aspects of motherhood!

Neighborhood Groups are guided by our DMB trained “Mombassadors”, who plan and post activities that are open to everyone! Our Mombassadors are experts in fun and creative playdates & activities in their respective areas! They’ve hosted everything from story time to family brunch to Karaoke Night, to craft time, to Fire Station tours! The list goes on and on!  Neighborhood Groups and meetups have turned into many dear friendships, book clubs, and connections that otherwise would have been unknown!

Neighborhood GroupsHow do you join a group? Easy! Just click here and it’ll take you to a list of all our playgroups, which will guide you to the appropriate Facebook Group.  You aren’t limited to just one! We understand this is a large area, so if you live in one place and work in another, join both groups so you can take advantage of working lunches OR weeknight/weekend activities! (P.S., we haven’t left the Dad’s out…we also have a brand new Dad’s Playgroup called Dallas Metroplex Dads!)

Once you have joined a group, check out the Events tab for all the upcoming events planned!

We hope you find a group that will connect you with your future gal pal, coffee mate, or strolling partner!  As always, feel free to contact us with any questions at [email protected]!





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