6 Candy Alternatives For Your Child’s Easter Basket

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This year is really flying by.  It’s time to pull out the Easter baskets and fill the eggs for the big Egg hunt!  We still have Halloween candy stashed away, yet with a blink of an eye it’s time for jelly beans and marshmallow peeps.

I don’t know if you are like me, but it drives me crazy that ALL the holidays seem to be centered around sweets! I mean, I like Cadbury eggs as much as the next guy, but call me a hypocrite–I don’t like my child constantly eating candy. So, this year I have vowed to fill my daughter’s basket with some candy alternatives. (And probably toss out the Halloween Candy while I am at it!) Here are 6 candy alternatives for your child’s Easter basket:


I don’t like buying countless toys for my daughter. Especially ones that get played with once, then discarded only to collect dust in the toy box. My kid also has so many stuffed animals that they are falling off the shelves in her room. One thing I will ALWAYS say yes to however, is a book.

My girl loves the holiday-themed books and pulls them out to read year-round. Ollie’s Easter Eggs is a favorite around here.  An older child might prefer a few books from her favorite series or on a subject she enjoys learning about.  Another option is to add in some workbooks that you can use during summer break. It is just around the corner after all!

Personal/Healthcare Items

If your kids are like mine, they get excited about a new toothbrush! Use the Easter basket as an excuse to stock up on toothbrushes and bubble bath!

Add in items that you might often lose, like hair ties or socks.  (Raise your hand if you have a lot of socks without mates!) You can also include some fun items like rubber ducks, bath crayons or hair bows.  They will love these items, and you will love that they benefit their health.

Outdoor Toys

Get your kids outside! Spring in Texas is the perfect time for outdoor play. Fill your child’s basket with Sidewalk Chalk and Bubbles, a Frisbee or a Kite.  Include a ring toss game!  Let them explore the backyard with binoculars or a magnifying glass. Or get them to help you in the garden by adding in flower seeds and a watering can.  These ideas can be fun for the whole family! Don’t forget to throw in a pair of sunglasses while you’re at it!

Small Collector Items

Do your kids collect anything? For my girl, it’s My Little Pony toys.  I don’t mind because they are inexpensive and she actually plays with them. She would be thrilled to find a few of these mixed into her basket Easter morning.  Other ideas would include Hot Wheels, Pokemon cards, Lego Minifigures or Shopkins.  Just make sure whatever you include is something that will get played with instead of just collecting dust.

Rainy Day Toys

Rainy day toys are the perfect addition to any Easter Basket.  I often find myself scrambling for ideas to keep my daughter busy when the weather is dreary.  These Melissa and Doug Reusable Sticker Sets  are great for just that! They come in many different themes and my girl could play with them for hours! Add in a new coloring book with sparkle crayons, scented markers, or even a stamp set.  Another fun idea might be card games, like Go Fish or Slamwich.  Sneak in a puzzle of one of their favorite characters and you have some great new activities to pull out on your next rainy day!

For the Tots

Even the smallest child deserves a fun Easter Basket! When my daughter was a baby we filled her basket with board books, teethers, and baby food pouches. We added a sippy cup, an Oball, and Little People toys which added an extra sweet touch.  I tried to buy some things I knew we needed, as well as a few fun surprises.

Though your young child won’t remember their first Easter Basket, it will bring you so much joy watching them admire all of the treats the “bunny” brought them!

Let me conclude by saying, a little candy never hurt anyone, so don’t necessarily pass on the Chocolate Bunny. But now you have 6 candy alternatives so you can mix it up a little. Whatever you choose to put in your child’s Easter basket, you are sure to bring them so much happiness Easter morning.



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