10 Ways to say THANK YOU to our Health Care Heroes


On the worst day of my life, I went into a hospital room filled with pristine, white coats and scrubs. For an emergency room, it was calm. I could hear the sounds of machines beeping in synch with the doctor’s movements. Not many words were spoken, but when they were, it was in soft, professional voices. These health care heroes moved around machines, cords, equipment, and each other with ease like a choreographed routine. And when I say these caregivers worked tirelessly, they DID NOT STOP. I have no doubts that each member of that medical team did everything they could to save my daughter’s beautiful life.

health care heroesOn the 6th anniversary of my daughter’s passing and in the midst of a pandemic, I cannot help but think of the first-responders, nurses, and doctors who went into work that tragic day not asking to witness the death of a child, despite their relentless efforts.

To the firefighters, medics, nurses, and doctors who held my baby,

THANK YOU! From the bottom of my broken heart, thank you.

From the moment my daughter was in your care, she was given your best. You did everything in your power to save her life and that did not go unnoticed. I have thought about you many times since that fateful day. I’ve wanted to personally thank you, hug your neck, let you know that never once did you fail me. I pray that you never get used to the experience of death, but I know the reality of your profession, the profession you selflessly chose. Thank you for going to work daily so that others may live.

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There is no doubt that right now, medical professionals worldwide are experiencing, arguably, the toughest year of their careers. They are essential. They cannot stay home, too many people count on them. They are mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers, many with families of their own who count on them. More than ever, they need to feel appreciated.

Ways to support those in the medical field

  1. Arrange food delivery for a hospital unit. You will need to work directly with a unit manager to arrange this, some hospitals may not allow outside deliveries, but in the end, nurses have to eat! Any way you can help feed them so they can get back to work can make a big difference.
  2. Donate supplies such as gloves, surgical masks, or hand sanitizer. Be sure to call your local healthcare facilities to see if they could use a donation. If not, ask what you can donate instead.
  3. Give medical professionals a public, social media shout out. Sometimes people just want to know they aren’t going unnoticed and their work is appreciated. Besides, who doesn’t like a feeling like a celebrity once in awhile? Use the hashtag #healthcareheroes to see others who support health care workers.
  4. Donate money to them. With Venmo, paypal, and other cash apps, this is the easiest and safest way provide financial support.
  5. Donate through Gofundme. GoFundMe is teaming with people who are directly affected by Covid-19. This includes medical professionals who are in need of assistance.
  6. Do your part to reduce over-crowding in hopspitals and doctor’s offices. If you meet the CDC’s criteria for testing, call ahead to ensure the offices have the proper tests available before going in.
  7. Volunteer with the Red Cross. They are in desperate need of volunteers to assist with COVID-19 efforts, volunteers are needed to deliver supplies to helping with blood drives.  Visit the Red Cross site for more information on ways you can help.
  8. Donate blood. The Red Cross is experiencing shortages of blood during this pandemic and is asking for people to consider donating blood if they are able. Find out if you’re eligible to give blood and make an appointment to donate here.
  9. Thank someone in the medical field. Next time you see a nurse or doctor, thank them for their sacrifices. You can even share your words of encouragement here where it will be sent it to a community of over 20 million healthcare workers!
  10. Remember that these healthcare workers are human too. In the middle of non-stop chaos, they do their best to provide for you and your family all while juggling a life of their own. Show them grace and remind them of way they chose this profession.

However you choose to thank our health care heroes is up to you, I’m certain they will appreciate gratitude in any form.


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