Working from Home: Your Summer Survival Guide


Last fall I wrote about my daily struggles being a WFHM (Work-From-Home-Mom).  Multiply this times TEN in the summer when Mother’s Day Out ends and I have a 3 year old and 1 year old at home 24/7…. and still have a business to run.  YIPES!  I have complied a laundry list of places where there is either FREE WIFI or affordable childcare so that you can knock out some work and still stimulate your children more than Disney Jr. can! 

  1.  Safari Run – You can read Natalie’s thoughts HERE.  When I went a few weeks ago I was blown away by how safe, clean, and accommodating it was! Free WIFI, comfy couches, and enclosed areas so you shouldn’t lose track of your littles! safarirun_DMB
  2.  Vacation Bible School – You can read the Dallas list HERE. Many of these are VERY affordable or FREE! My daughter attended the one at Prestonwood and that week I was able to get work done, go to doctor’s appointments, and run errands the entire week! 
  3. Kid swap with friends – Grab your other WFHM’s and kid swamp every week!  I know my kids are actually better behaved when they have friends over because I am not their only source of entertainment 🙂 So this really is a Win/Win! 
  4. Kiddin’ Around  – There is an annual membership fee of $30.00 per family, regardless of the number of children.  $10/hour for Infants (6 weeks to 18 months) and $9/hour for kids over 18 months! Only $5 for each additional child! I have several WFHM friends who swear by this place and go WEEKLY! They also offer lunch for $4 if you don’t want to pack one! 
  5. ASI Summer Gymastics  – I can’t wait to try this out with my little gymnast! They offer two sessions per day, 8am-1pm & 1pm-6pm, Monday-Friday.  Ages: 3-14 and potty trained. Each session is only $25!  If you come for the morning session, make sure to pack a lunch!                                                                                      Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
  6. Little Lakewood Boutique and Playhouse – With a café overlooking the play area, you can set up shop and knock out some emails while still keeping an eye on the enclosed play area! Crawlers are free and $6 for each child! 
  7. Many churches have FREE indoor playgrounds.  A few examples are the Watermark Tree Fort , Prestonwood Kidz Zone and Irving Bible Church Tubes.  Although scary things can happen anywhere these days, I do feel a lot more comfortable letting them run free in these environments vs. a mall playground! All 3 of these mentioned have free WIFI as well!                                                                                         watermarktreefort_DMB
  8. The Frog Pond – Farmers Branch recently revamped their aquatic system with an additional new state of the art water park called The Frog Pond.  Enjoy two 30-foot slides, a lagoon pool that goes a up to over four feet deep, a lazy river, and younger kid splash area.  Children over the age of 10 are allowed to be dropped off!  Cost: $8/Non-resident, $5 Farmers Branch residents
  9. GYMS!!!! – Confession. I don’t like working out but I have HIGHLY considered getting a membership at Lifetime, LA Fitness, or the YMCA because they offer childcare. Depending on the gym, it may be included (usually up to 2 hours) or available for an affordable price. I have several friends who will work out and then shower (ALONE!) and use the second hour to knock out emails and work.  Free WIFI.  Kids being entertained.  Sipping on a Smoothie? Sign me up! 
  10. WINE AND PRAYER! – Working from home is TOUGH.  Make sure to set boundaries with your kids and your hours of operation.  If you can, try to at least have one outing per day so that your kids don’t completely drive you mad and they can blow off some steam and energy giving you EXTRA LONG nap times! 

I am ALWAYS looking for new places! I would love to hear any go-to places you love that I may have missed! 


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