Abby Misegades

Abby is a wife to Logan and Mom to Stella (January 2013) and Chloé (March 2015). She was raised in Lake Highlands and moved back after college to pursue her Corporate Marketing career with two major retailers here in Dallas. All her goals and plans changed after a whirlwind weekend in California where she experienced love at first sight with a Frenchman. A year later they were married and moved overseas to embark on a 2 year fairytale living and working in France at a B&B in the French Countryside. After her daughter was born, they made the bittersweet decision to come back to Texas to plant roots. Now she spends her days juggling 2 little girls and running a couple of businesses part-time from home. She enjoys drinking French wine, spends way too much time picking the perfect Emojis for her text messages, refinishing furniture, and is a complete Netflix snob. You can follow her blog Bonjour, Y'all or find her on IG overgramming pics of her darling girls at @mrsfrenchy.

Mom on a Budget :: Why We Have FIVE Bank Accounts!

When my husband and I got married, we went out to eat almost every single night, I went shopping at places other than Target and Marshall's, and we could pack up and take a...

Formula Awareness Day :: When Breastfeeding Doesn’t Work

There seems to be awareness days for a LOT of hot topics these days, including breastfeeding. In fact, breastfeeding awareness has an entire MONTH now you guys... August.  When our parents were growing up, breastfeeding...

SURPRISE Gender :: Pros and Cons

With my first two pregnancies, we found out that we were having little girls.  I am in the home stretch of likely my final pregnancy and this time we opted to do SURPRISE GENDER....
taking maternity photos

Why Take Maternity Photos?

I am about to pop with baby #3—there's a chance he or she will be here by the time yoou read this—but I really wanted to share why I chose to have maternity photos...
romantic French restaurants in Dallas

Top French Restaurants in Dallas

I am married to a Frenchman who is very snooty about French restaurants not located in France! His rule of thumb is if the word "French" is in the name, or a French flag...

My Babysitter Wish List

Some girlfriends and I were talking the other night about our babysitters and how we wish they knew certain things that put our minds at ease when we go out for the evening!  Below...

My Experience with JCPenney Portraits

When I think about JCPenney portraits, I think back to the overly propped/ posed images of my sister and I growing up in the 80s stuffed in a water bucket "bath" with a cheesy rubber...

STRESS FREE Dinner: My Two Cents on a Meal Delivery Service

A few weeks ago my friend Ashley sent me a free week of Hello Fresh.  To give you some background on me...  My LEAST favorite part of the week is my trip to the...

Scary Mom Lesson: “Playing” with FIRE

Last month, we hosted my youngest's second birthday party! I had immediate family over for a celebration. This somewhat low-key celebration quickly turned scary when we learned a very hard lesson on "playing" with...

Hey Mama: Step Away from the Phone

Before I start writing this post, I need to fully confess that I am writing this TO MYSELF.  As a Mom, I have got to learn how to step away from my phone.  Technology. I...

Direct Sales: Shedding the Stereotype

This February marks FOUR years since I joined a direct sales company. If you would have told me in college, that I would be putting my marketing degree aside to sell skincare, I would have...

Mommy Wars: Stay in Your Lane

As a culture, more than ever before it is easy to compare yourself with other Moms.   Her kids are always so well-behaved.  She always looks so put together. I wish I could bake like her.   And so...