The Power of Quiet Time and Meditation


I can hear all the moms say it together “when, where, how?!” I get it. By the time we make dinner, put the kids down, spot clean the house and then TRY and cuddle up for some couch time with the husband, we literally feel like passing out. When is this alone time suppose to happen? That was my question too. As a mom of two toddlers my life feels like a whirlwind and yesterday’s tweet was “What day is it?” Truly. But if you will hear me out for a moment, I finally had some quiet time and it made a ton of difference.

One thing I have learned since being a stay at home mom is that time gets away VERY fast and if I don’t reign it in quickly, the time will just go by faster than I ever knew possible. I have to be intentional and even more deliberate about my quiet time. Even if it’s just 15 minutes. I need it.

Here are a few tips on finding and having your quiet time:

  1. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It can literally be in the car while the kids sleep in the back seat. The shower is my favorite place as well.
  2. Close the browsers. I kinda think of our minds like a internet browser. The more browsers up the more that’s going on in the background. No one can relax like that. Close them ALL down….and just be.
  3. Go outside. It’s hotter than all get out here in Texas but the morning breeze is bearable. If you have somewhere you like to go…go there. Nature does wonders for relaxing.
  4. Go to counseling. If you find that you can’t decompress, you might want to get some help. Our minds need check-ups just like our bodies.
  5. Take something off your plate. Say no….you can’t fit anything else on your plate. Use that extra space for you and your quiet time.

Another thing that will help your quiet time is learning to meditate. I love really cool apps like Calm, Relax Melodies, Hope and I’ve heard great things about Breathe as well. My therapist actually told me that having quiet time and learning to meditate is like strengthening a muscle. The more you do, the better you get at calming the chaos in your mind.

I found a few things I like to do when I enter my quiet time to help me get in a place of, well….quietness. First, I make sure that my kids are taken care of, usually in bed or the husband is watching them. As moms, we know that when our kids are cared for we can better relax. I then ask myself, “what is bothering you the most right now?” I give myself permission to let it go even just for a moment. I need the space to be aware. While listening to the Hope app, it helps you to focus on your breathing. Did you know focusing on your breathing is a way to reset? We have an internal reset button! It really does work when you allow yourself to shut everything off and just bring your FULL awareness to your breathing. Not trying to change it, but just being aware of it.

Does that help? What are some tips you have for finding your quiet space and meditation?

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