The New Year-New You Struggle-Bus :: Women and Body Image Goals 2018


This is what my facebook feed looked like just before New Year’s Day and throughout the first week of 2018:

“I made this list of workouts I could do at home. So, my burpees were super slow going. 10 nearly killed me. I am so out of shape.” 

“Yoga with Adriene. Day 2. Done.”

“Day one on fly-by the seat of my pants/no planning yet Keto. 254 cals left, 8g carbs over, 3g protein over, and under 44g fat. Needed a glass of wine after today.”

“Day 2: no sugar or grains. I’M SO HUNGRY. No matter how much fat and protein I consume, I can’t feel satiated. Whipping up a batch of almond/coconut milk hot chocolate with Stevia. I have done this before. I can do it again. But… ughgghg. Cheers!”

“2018 Goal: Run 500 Miles.”

“Definitely going to need some encouragement and accountability!”

“Starting a three day “detox” with hubs tomorrow. Cooking Light put out a nice meal plan that both looks tasty and is heavy on veggies and protein. I will report back!”

“I wanted to post my first pic of 2018. Anyone else feel free to add yours! I always like seeing the difference from my workouts, because the scale does nothing for me.”

“Who has done a juice detox cleanse? Need to start this year out a bit lighter!

“I did my first workout today in MONTHS. Here’s to starting 2018 strong.”

The New Year is always a time when I see new goals set and approached with vigor and vim from the women around me who all of course want to feel and look their best. There are certainly hundreds if not thousands of internet websites with cleanses, workout strategies, meal planning pages, calorie counters, and recipe ideas.

What has worked for YOU in the past and what are you doing THIS new year to ‘get back on track’ after the holidays? I have always felt that these jumpstarts (however short-lived) can be a helpful way of creating a positive mindset. So while I may download Couch25k and not end up doing the daily run in 4 weeks, and even though my weekend shopping may start out paleo friendly and turn into ‘eat real organic food and everything in moderation’, my brain emotionally will still get a re-start. Sticking to a big lifestyle change and achieving all health and nutritional goals is the dream…. creating small changes one step at a time is my reality.

Whether you’ve just received a brand new daily planner with its crisp lined pages just waiting to be filled in with workout and nutrition goals or whether you are the type to look up the trending exercise apps and easy nutrition trackers and have downloaded them to your phone, I’d love to know what your ‘plan of attack’ is this New Year!


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