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Dallas Moms Blog has partnered with Energy Ogre for a series of posts to help families save money on their energy bill. All opinions are 100% our own! 

My husband and I are from Oklahoma. We moved here almost 8 years ago. One of the big parts of any move is signing up for all your new services (gas, electric, cable, city etc.). At the time we knew nothing about any of the companies in Dallas and we also came from a city that does not have a free market for energy; back home you just get what you get. The price is what it is and you pay it. We found out that things are a little different here in Dallas and our realtor just gave us the name of a company to use.

energy-ogre-dallas-moms-blogFast forward to the summer time and wowza! Our electricity bill was HUGE! But I just chalked it up to our old house with old leaky windows combined with the insane triple digit temps. We went on this way for the next several years, all the time having no real understanding of being able to shop around for energy companies.

One morning while watching Good Morning Texas I heard them talking about a local company called Energy Ogre. It was a company that would do all the research for you to find the best/most affordable energy service provider here in Dallas. I was intrigued, mainly because I didn’t have the time nor the true understanding to really dig in and research this on my own. The thought of someone else doing it for me…it sounded great!

The next day I went online to their website and started poking around. I came to find out how simple it really was. I plugged in some information and they were able to pull up my current company and all of my usage for the past year…they then took that and compared it to all the other energy companies out there.

When the results came back my mind was BLOWN!

I could have saved $987 dollars in the past year by using their recommended energy service.

Ya’ll…that’s almost a thousand dollars! I was ready to switch on the spot. 

This next step is where I really fell in LOVE with Energy Ogre.

As it turns out I was still under contract with my super expensive provider so Energy Ogre couldn’t do anything unless I wanted to pay the early termination fee from my provider, which I didn’t. They sent me a lovely email to follow up and let me know that they would bookmark my desired change and when my contract ran out they would handle the ENTIRE CHANGEOVER for me. I didn’t have to remember my contract end date. I didn’t have to remember the new company name. I didn’t have to call or email anybody. They took care of everything. 

And I am very happy to report that the switch went through without any problems and my bills this summer have been so so low compared to every other year we have lived here. I got all of this for a low, low fee of $10/month. TEN DOLLARS. THAT’S IT.

bill-analysis-energy-ogre-2016-09-12-13-32-43If you are paying too much for your energy services, which you most likely are, then you have to give Energy Ogre a try. The service is easy, the people are very nice and great to work with. And they will save you money!

To see for yourself visit Energy Ogre to use their handy Savings Calculator to get an idea of how much money they can save you. When you’re ready to register, make sure to use “dallasmomsblog” at registration to get your 13th month FREE!  

Don’t waste your money…take advantage of the free market by using Energy Ogre to save!

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