5 Gifts a New Mom in Dallas Really Wants {Baby Shower Gift Alternatives}


Gifts a New Mom Really Wants  Best Baby Shower Gifts in DallasOnce you hit the ‘mom of young kids’ stage of life, it seems like you are constantly being invited to baby showers. I remember the same thing happening when everyone I knew got married at the same time, and we spent three years saving every spare vacation day for weddings, bachelorette parties, and wedding showers.

Before I became a mom, I loved picking out a little outfit for the new baby. But now that I am a mom myself, it just doesn’t seem right to show up at a baby shower with cute booties I know will never stay on the baby’s feet, or a wipe warmer no one will care about after the first two weeks. These cute but completely impractical gifts go against everything I care about as a mom.

I am about to have my second baby I know I’m not alone when I say the last thing I want is more stuff to fill my house. Instead, I have come up with this list of the best baby shower gift alternatives with five gifts a new mom in Dallas really wants:


Whether you bring over your favorite homemade freezer meal or send a gift card to a meal delivery service, new moms appreciate any time they aren’t responsible for going grocery shopping and/or cooking. Here are some great meal delivery services in Dallas:

Home Services

From house cleaning to sending out the laundry, these home services are guaranteed to make a new mom’s life easier. I found that when I first had my daughter, I was still trying to clean everything because we had a stream of people coming over. If you can hire a maid or a cleaning service for the new parents, mom can relax and enjoy time with her newborn while someone else takes care of the dirty work for awhile.

Mommy and Me Class

Once mom gets out of the baby fog, she will want to get out of the house. Unfortunately, mom’s favorite pre-baby spots might not be so much fun with a new baby in tow. Mommy and Me Classes are the perfect way to get out of the house with baby and meet other moms. Contact each place directly to see what they have to offer, but you can give the new mom a month of classes or a gift card to get her started! Here are some great options for Mommy and Me Classes in Dallas:


This one is so specific to each mom, so it may be a difficult gift to give, but it would be so worth it. One of the benefits of living in a major city is that there are dozens of truly helpful services throughout Dallas for new moms. If you can find out what would help make the new mom’s transition easier – do it! Here are a few services that might make a new mom’s life easier:


One thing a new mom definitely doesn’t have is a lot of time for herself. Any kind of pampering would be such a treat for a new mom. A great gift would be a gift card for a spa service or a certificate for a salon service. Here are some great ways to pamper a new mom in Dallas:

What are your favorite things to give new Dallas moms? Did you get any baby shower gift alternatives that you loved after having a baby? Share them in the comments below!

Any of these would be a perfect gift for a new mom on Mother’s Day. If you need a Mother’s Day activity to go with your gift, check out our post on the {Top 5} 2021 Mother’s Day Activities & the Best Brunch Spots in Dallas.


  1. Don’t forget newborn photos! Many moms appreciate getting gifts toward a professional newborn portrait session and wall art. A cash jar is usually best so mom can choose a photographer that suits her style <3


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