Pamper Mom This Mother’s Day: DIY Rose & Lavender Bath Scrub

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Before being a Mom, I had no idea how emotional I would run on Mother’s Day. A card, a homemade breakfast and a special treat is such a special change of pace from the daily routine! It’s so amazing how touching it is to take a moment once a year and honor the sacrifices we make and joy we receive as being Mothers

Not all Moms are the traditional role we know from books and TV. There’s our grandmothers, step-mothers, mentors, and, in my house, my daughter’s birth mother. I love taking a moment to honor all of the women who work to make the world a better place for the next generation on Mother’s Day. The balance lies in finding something special for all of these incredible women without getting overwhelmed running around town or breaking the bank!

This year, my daughter and I had a special night together whipping up an organic-based, DIY Epsom Salt Scrub with ingredients we found on our regular shopping trip to Sprouts Farmers Market! 

 sprouts DIY bath scrub

The fun thing about making your own scrub is you can tailor the ingredients for different effects! We had a great time looking around the store while picking up items for our Mother’s Day breakfast to see what could work best in our scrub. 

Since I think women can never be overly encouraged to unwind, we made a rose and lavender relaxing scrub. Epsom Salts are known for detoxifying the body through the skin, relaxing muscles and easing nerve pain and stress, making them a great base for a DIY scrub. 

While wandering, we discovered Sprouts’ amazing coffee selection! Coffee grounds can be a great addition to a homemade scrub as their able to exfoliate and even reducing the appearance of cellulite! 

IMG_0263Coconut oil has natural hydrating properties, but this Sweet Almond oil looked so luxurious and was a great price for an organic product. I picked up a bottle and added a bit to our scrub and am keeping the rest to use after my morning showers. 

IMG_0265The flower stands at Sprouts are always beautiful! The selection of roses and fresh cut flowers are wonderful and Rainforest Alliance Certified. I love the smell of roses and remembered their hydrating and antibiotic properties for the skin. We decided to buy a dozen for our breakfast table and add some fresh rose petals to our scrub. 

IMG_0268The last stop on our shopping trip was selecting an essential oils mixture for fragrance and aromatherapy. Grapefruit or peppermint would be invigorating in a morning scrub. Their pure essential oils have a great fragrance and go a long way in the bath or a diffuser. 

IMG_0264Once we got home, it was time to fill our jars and have some fun! 

Adding the coconut oil first, I then layered in the rose petals and added the sweet almond oil and lavender essential oil. These oils help the rose petals break down naturally and mix into the scrub. We added the Epsom Salt last, a cup at a time, mixing in as we went until it was fully saturated with the oils. 

IMG_0284This was such an easy and fun activity for supervised little ones! We picked up all of our cards at Sprouts, so as we see the women we love this week we will have something special in hand! The best part was doing something new with my daughter as we thought of all of the deserving women who are so special to us. 

To learn more about Sprouts Farmers Market, visit their website OR on Facebook to find coupons, weekly fliers, and recipes!

What do you like to do to share the Mother’s Day love with women in your life? 


Rose & Lavender Body Scrub

For the base of your scrub you will need:

1.5 cup coconut oil

1.5-2 cups Epsom Salt 

1/2 cup Rose Petals

3 Tablespoons Sweet Almond Oil

15-20 drops Lavender Essential Oil


1. Pour Coconut Oil into a mason jar. 

2. Add a layer of rose petals into jar evenly. 

3. Add Sweet Almond Oil & Lavender Essential Oil on top of rose petals. 

4. Begin mixing Epsom Salt into mixture until salt has full saturated with the oils. 

5. Seal & Wrap for Mother’s Day!

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