Lilly Neubauer

Lilly, Dallas born and bred, was fortunate to live outside of Texas at a young age to know there’s nothing quite like the world class cultural melting pot, big ideas and small town hospitality of her native city. From the biggest landmarks to the smallest taco stands, Lilly has enjoyed sharing her favorite parts of the city and her family’s journey navigating life in it at her blog, Pancakes and Beet Juice. A note to the joy that’s found in balance of life’s rich and healthy pleasures, Pancakes and Beet Juice and Lilly’s writing at Dallas Mom’s Blog cover topics ranging from food, fitness, family and enjoying new experiences in the city and beyond. Her love for Dallas and adventure is only made more fun by seeing old favorites again through the eyes of her daughter, Heidi, welcomed via open domestic adoption. The days are long but the years are short, and the whole mess is documented through various filters at her Instagram page.
backyard chickens

Those People with the Backyard Chickens in Dallas

Someone in your office, playgroup, Facebook feed or church is that family and so am I. I'm the mom with the backyard chickens in Dallas. Being born in Dallas with family and part of...

Mom Confessions: I Still Like My Dog the Most

July 6, 2006 my life changed forever with my new baby girl. I had new purpose and responsibility to new life. I needed to be firm and kind to raise her up in a world...

Speaking with an Adoption Professional on Finding Dory

We've been rapid fire checking off milestones with my 2.5 year old daughter: first ballet class, first sleepover. We have a copy of Finding Nemo at home and the influence of Heidi's peers at...

The Best Tacos in Dallas: An Eating Enthusiast’s Guide

Who says the best things in life can't fit in the palm of your hand? For the past year, our family has begun a new pastime of finding new tacos in Dallas to enjoy.  We...

Experience Dallas with these Alternative Gift Ideas

I am a Mom in Dallas blessed with great friends and family. My coffee table book selection, picture frame collection and scented candle displays in my home can attest to how well loved I...

Pamper Mom This Mother’s Day: DIY Rose & Lavender Bath Scrub

This post has been sponsored by Sprouts Farmers Market. All opinions are 100% our own! Before being a Mom, I had no idea how emotional I would run on Mother's Day. A card, a homemade...

Bluebonnet Fields in Dallas – Get the Best Photos!

It's a time-honored tradition in Texas to dress up the little ones and take them to be photographed next to one our most beloved icons. The annual photo goes on the mantel, a perfect...

Our Dad: Not Seen on TV

Recently out for a girl's night with friends, I was asked by another member of the group if my husband was babysitting, letting my daughter jump off the sofa and eating ice cream. Sure,...

Be a Kindness Super Hero: Random Acts of Kindness for Kids!

I love Valentine's Day and the thought of life being about love and doing special things for the ones we love. To be fair, I also just really love chocolate.  With a young daughter, I...

Favorite “Mom” Books That Aren’t About Parenting

A chill in the air and New Year's resolutions still bubbling up in conversation makes January a great time to get into a new book! I love reading non-fiction this time of year, whether...

How to Help Refugees in Dallas

It's easy right now to think of a refugee as someone a world away and in circumstances we could never imagine. While our city and state's plan to welcome new refugees is unknown, it...

The Birthday Tree for Christmas Birthdays

December 27, 2013, my husband and I got a life changing phone call that we were parents to a little girl. She had brown hair, brown eyes and a Christmas birthday. Who would expect...