How to Inspire Creativity in your Child


[quote]”Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.”–Bruce Garrabrandt[/quote]

I put out the construction paper and the pots of paint and before I could get the brush, there goes my little girl using her fingers to draw a heart. I quickly grab a wipe and explain to her she needs to use a brush for the pot.

In fact, just this morning, my daughter unwraps her breakfast protein drink and instead of throwing away the wrapper she giggles as she wiggles it around the bottle. I ask her to please throw away the trash and she tells me the wrapper isn’t trash today, it’s a skirt for the milk.

That’s the beauty of our children – they are born with creative genes and their imagination is a GIFT. I feel at times, I can become the creative bubble buster without even realizing it.  

I’m taking notes from my children and I’ve been trying to get a spark of creativity for myself again. My girls remind me what it’s like to be a kid and I even reminisce on the creative things I used to do like create a bubble storm in the kitchen with moms Dawn soap.

I love how their minds wander into descriptive visuals. Such as, when I say, it’s raining men (ha!)…I mean flying pigs outside, that they can look out their window and imagine the prettiest pink pigs with tiny cute wings flying over not one, but two glittery rainbows.

If you’re anything like me, I tend to overthink being creative with my kids and when I’m tired or working from home it can really stress me out! I have to remind myself creativity lives inside of them and I should always be willing and excited to join in on the imaginative ride.

Here are some easy ways to inspire their creativity:

  1. Let Children be Children. It’s OK if they aren’t playing the way you used to play with toys. If they want to finger paint instead of paint with a brush – sure why not. If splashing in puddles makes you nervous – change them into old clothes. If you’re putting up dishes and they grab the spoons to play sword fight – heck, join in! Chores are very important, but making it a fun adventure will earn us getting things checked off the list and making it exciting while doing it. So the next time your kid wants to dance with the vacuum cleaner or slide around in the laundry basket before folding clothes – GO FOR IT!
  2. Let them Build their Creative Spaces. Creativity sparks creativity. Building your creative play space doesn’t have to  be an elaborate design project on Pinterest. Let your KIDS be the designers. In my daughter’s playroom and bedroom, we’ve used her own creativity to color the walls. Her drawings, crafts and school projects are on display using a string of colorful lights from the Target dollar spot. It’s a pretty fun show, especially at night! We use her paintings to inspire storytelling and critical thinking. Other ideas for building their “space” can include LEGO® creations, their tea sets, or their unique car collection. How can your child help build their creative space?
  3. Remember Who They Are, Remember Who You Were

Children are their own person, not always a reflection of who you were as a child. This took me a minute to realize. My oldest is into theatre and talking A LOT about how bacteria spreads through the body. My youngest is into ballet and learning how to make glitter slime. Simple conversations and books specific to their hobbies and interests can open possibilities, ideas and new creations they didn’t even know existed.

May this SIMPLE creative inspo spark the flame within you, mama. And remember if all else fails, a box and a book can go a long way.



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