Give the Gift that Lasts with Cinemark Movie Club

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We all know almost everyone loves going to the movies and that’s why giving the gift of the movies is always a great idea!  So, when I heard about Cinemark Movie Club, I had a feeling it might just turn out to be one of the best ideas of the season.  I had to check it out for myself…and for the good of the group.  You know…doing that money-saving, gift-giving research so you don’t have to.

So, what even is Movie Club

For as low as $8.99, a Movie Club member can receive a FREE ticket plus a variety of perks that you can enjoy during your movie-going experience every month you’re enrolled. Here’s a summary of the benefits: 

  • 1 FREE 2D ticket per month. Unused tickets roll over and never expire (as long as you’re a member).
  • You can order online/in advance and online fees are waived + up to 2 companion tickets can be purchased for a discounted $8.99.
  • 20% discount on concessions
  • Premium format ticket upgrades available for XD, 3D and IMAX.
  • No contract, cancel anytime.

Let’s also keep in mind that we’re dealing with Cinemark theaters which means your movie experience will be that much better. I’m not sure how much y’all pay attention to the different kinds of theater seats these days, but the auto-adjustable recliners at Cinemark are my favorite; I find them noticeably nicer. And the auditoriums are roomy in the best way.

Cinemark Movie Club In doing my research, I took the kids to see The Grinch this past weekend [1-second movie review: It was fine!]. Here’s how everything worked after I enrolled:

  1. I signed up for Movie Club and got the Cinemark app on my phone for easy access to my account.
  2. My ticket was free, then I added 2 kid’s tickets, with the $1.50 online ordering fee waived.
  3. When I bought our popcorn and cherry ICEEs at the theater, they scanned the Movie Club QR code on my phone for 20% off.

The Cinemark app is really smooth and comprehensive, by the way. I’d recommend it even if you don’t do Movie Club. Your tickets come in the form of a scannable QR code and you earn rewards points for every purchase at the box office or concession stand. I earned 30 points during this one outing – only 20 points away from the first-tier reward of $1 off popcorn.


Whether you purchase the 1 month, 2, 3, 6, or 12 month plan — Imagine the joy on a teacher, co-worker, or family members face when they realized you’ve given them the gift of the movies for months on end!! 

You can find out all the details by visiting the Movie Club FAQ on the Cinemark site, but this is definitely one gift idea you’ll want to add to your own wish list as well! 



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