Last-Minute {Super Thoughtful} Teacher Gift Guide



Between holiday shows, class parties, tree lightings, and decorating, somewhere in there, we’re also supposed to pull together creative gifts for the teachers who take such good care of our kiddos—day in and day out. (I mean, they put up with the “special” quirks of not one, not two, but many sweet little cherubs, every day.) If your schedule is already jam-packed and you just didn’t have time to have tea towels monogrammed for your favorite teacher, these last-minute gifts will prove your thoughtfulness! Really…you’ve just saved the BEST for last!

Teacher gift

  1. Coffee, coffee, coffee. Not another coffee mug. But if you just have to pick one up, grab a travel mug from Target. Tuck in a customizable coffee subscription, and you will have made your teacher’s day!
  2. Where are my keys?? Your teacher will never lose her keys again with these key rings.  There are so many colors to choose from, and your teacher will love the flexibility she’ll have to be able to throw her keys on her wrist. You can find them locally and grab one today on your way to school pick-up.
  3. Looking for something a little more spa-like? Your teacher will love the face sheet mask from Trader Joe’s. Pair it with any home-made Epsom salts recipe in a Mason jar, and your teacher has a night made in spa-heaven.
  4. Something for writing. Chances are, your child’s teacher has an academic side to her.  She doesn’t just live to teach—she also lives to learn. And read. And WRITE. Did you know Moleskines come in every shape, size and color these days? Pick one out while you’re at the bookstore for grandpa’s gift that fits your teacher’s personality so she can expand her horizons outside the classroom.
  5. teacher guideSomething for her toes. “They” keep saying this winter is supposed to be crazy cold. Grab a pair of these cozy slippers from JCrew Factory before they’re gone. I promise, she’ll love slipping her feet into these over her much-needed holiday break!

The up-side to these gifts: if you’ve missed the free-shipping deadline, you can pick them all up IN STORE. You may be last-minute, but your child’s teacher will LOVE your thoughtfulness!


  1. As a teacher I got dozens of gifts like these and they all went to the giveaway pile. Thoughtful is a nice letter or picture from your student plus a Starbucks or restaurant gift card. No more trinkets PLEASE!!!


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