Finding Community at Lakehill Prep

This post was sponsored and guest written by Lakehill Prep.  All opinions are their own.

Choosing a school for your first born child in Dallas can be downright stressful. It’s the immediate topic of conversation between any two mothers of young children – even in the checkout line at the grocery store. Do you go for the new age school where three-year-olds are taught electric circuits? The hard-core Montessori school where toddlers are required to only wear clothing that they can remove and put back on without assistance? The secret Old Dallas school that guarantees your child’s future acceptance to Harvard? The sweet neighborhood school? See what I mean? So many options – all of them with some amazing strong points. So, how do you make such a crucial decision?

Our child has had great experiences at both the bright and sunny neighborhood nursery school which helped him develop a love of learning, and at one of the aforementioned secret Old Dallas pre-schools that really set my son on a course of academic excellence, thanks to some truly superb teachers (still waiting on that call from Harvard). But, for the next step, we struggled finding the “right” elementary school. 

We wanted a school that would continue to nurture his love of learning, but also immerse him in a culture of academic excellence. We set high standards for the amount of personal attention we wanted our son to receive, as well as the amount of attention that teachers and staff would give to us when needed. It was also very important that our son be surrounded by diversity and not just an echo chamber of his own appearance, talents, and interests. We needed a school large enough for him to be able to explore any interest or sport, but small enough that I had no hesitations about dropping him off each morning.

After a long and extensive search of pretty much every school in Dallas, we fell in love with Lakehill Preparatory School. It was as if it existed just to meet our lengthy list of requirements. A year later, it feels like home. I love the spirit of community that surrounds the students, faculty, and staff. I love seeing my little boy shake the Headmaster’s hand as he walks proudly into his school each morning. I love the sense of responsibility and confidence that this school is instilling in him.

My son is excelling academically and his love for learning continues to blossom. He is inspired and motivated by his teachers and their mastery of delivering the curriculum in fun and interesting ways. I am so grateful that we found a school home at Lakehill.

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