Featured Blogger: Casey Leigh Wiegand


We are starting a new series celebrating influential bloggers that happen to reside right here in the Dallas area. We are suckers for moms with style, beautiful pictures, and a way with words that keep us coming back for more. There are tons of amazing mom bloggers out in the blogosphere, but we are especially proud of the ones that call DFW their home!

Casey Leigh featured dallas mom blogger

Everyday, thousands of readers come to Casey Wiegand’s blog  to be inspired by her outlook on life, motherhood, faith, beauty, loss, and everything in between. She is a mom to 3 little ones living in {an adorable home in} Kessler Park. She is an award-winning artist, and opened an art school in Dallas called A Little Artsy with her husband . Since you can peruse all of her poetic posts and amazing pictures on her blog HERE, I thought I would take this opportunity to ask her a few questions about being a mama in Dallas. Enjoy…

What do you love most about Dallas?

I was born and raised in Dallas, I met my husband here, had all our babies here…it has a lifetime of my memories all in one city. My heart belongs to Dallas!

What is your favorite park to take the fam?

My favorite park is Caruth Park! I grew up going to that park and now to see my kids playing on the same playground is so sweet to me. Aiden caught his first fish there, we love to feed the ducks, have picnics and of course play on all of the incredible playground equipment! It’s a fabulous park!

What is your favorite thing do with your kids around town?

We love love love to be on the go! We love the Dallas Zoo, the Dallas World Aquarium, Northpark Mall, Chik fil A and the University Park pool !! Those are all regular spots for us depending on the time of year!

You and your kids are always dressed super cute and trendy. Where is your favorite place to shop in Dallas?

I love to shop for my kids at the Gap in Northpark Mall, Old Navy (The Galleria), and I honestly get a ton of their clothes online from handmade shops! We love supporting the handmade community!

For me, I love The Impeccable Pig near SMU and Anthropologie in HP village!

Casey Leigh featured dallas mom blogger

When you and your hubby escape for a night on the town, where’s your favorite date night spot?

Chris & I have a few favorite spots! We love Patrizios in HP Village, Primos in Uptown, Hunky’s in Bishop Arts & Maggianos in Northpark Mall.

Do you feel there are any unique challenges to raising kids in Dallas?

I actually think Dallas is great for raising kids! The weather is for the most part great & there are so many places to go that are designed for kids or kid friendly! My only request would be a beach 😉

Casey Leigh featured dallas mom blogger

What do you love most about being a mom?

Being a mom has forever changed my life. It gave me purpose that I never knew existed. Forever now my heart will remain in these three other little bodies. I love soaking in every moment because it’s flying by so quickly… I’m just doing the best that I can to capture and freeze every moment possible! I love watching them become and grow and change before my very eyes. I love their innocence and their pure, sweet hearts. I love being their mom, it’s the greatest honor that God could have entrusted me with.

With such a busy art & blogging career and 3 little ones running around,  how do you find time to maintain your marriage?

We have three kiddos, ages three and under and we both work from home so being intentional with our marriage is essential! We stay organized, give grace and communicate well. Chris is my best friend and inspires me more than anyone. He cheers me on, supports me and constantly is doing everything he can possibly do to make all my dreams come true. I am a lucky gal :).

Casey Leigh featured dallas mom blogger

Thank you so much Casey for answering our questions! We hope all of our readers are just as excited as us about learning more about you and discovering your lovely blog!



  1. Thanks for sharing Casey!! I had never even been to the Kessler Park area until recently..such a cute neighborhood!! I’ve been to Bishop Arts several times, but hadn’t explored further. Now I can’t wait to go try out all the new places!


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