Fast Food: This Mom Essential can be Healthy too!


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So you’re on the go w/the munchkins in-tow, running from one place to the next w/no time to spare, and all of a sudden you are beyond hungry! Annnnd, so is the little one. No time to stop for a legit healthy snack, so off to the nearest drive-thru window you go. Forget eating healthy! You’re in a hurry! We’ve all been there. Well…I have good news: the drive-thru doesn’t HAVE to annihilate your diet! Check out these quick tips for keeping it low-cal, while still getting a bit of nutrition from that dreaded fast-food snack:

1. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS replace white bread w/wheat. If they don’t offer wheat, lose the bread all together.
2. Look for any type of grilled meat or veggie wrap. Skip the sauce. Ask for an extra bowl and fork. Dump the contents into the bowl and lose the tortilla. Wah-lah! If you need a “dressing” stick with a vinaigrette or simply top w/salsa! (pass up on fatty ranch if you can!)
3. Glance @ the kids menu. This is where most fast food joints hide their healthier sides (e.g. apple slices, fruit cups, carrot/raisin salad, etc.)
4. Fruit parfait anyone? Be careful here. Ask if the yogurt is low-fat. If they can’t answer you, skip out!
5. Last resort: order the tiniest cup of soft-serve vanilla they’ve got topped w/nuts! Ask for extra nuts and eat the top half to get a somewhat healthy energy boost! Once the nuts are gone, you’re done. Toss the rest!

The idea here is not to fill up, but to get a bit of quick energy to hold you over until you can get home to a meal w/some legit nutrients!

*WordOnTheStreet* Starbucks’ offers an awesome protein plate! Although I have not partaken of this healthy little treat, I’ll take the word of a super-reliable health-nut friend and recommend it!

Happy Fast-Fooding!

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