Family-Friendly Indie Bookstores in Dallas :: A Bookworm Mom’s Guide


A bookstore.As a book-loving mom in Dallas, I’ve discovered some gems that cater to families and offer a delightful experience for both kids and moms alike. If you’re on the lookout for family-friendly indie bookstores in Dallas, look no further!

In this roundup, I’ll take you on a literary adventure through some wonderful places that celebrate the joy of reading with little ones in tow. Let’s explore what makes each location special and perfect for book-loving families!

Bibliobar :: Plano

Step into Bibliobar and you’ll instantly feel the warm embrace of a family-friendly atmosphere. This bookstore is a haven for little bookworms, boasting an abundance of open space where kids can read and explore freely.

Join in on its weekly Saturday story times, where captivating tales come to life, leaving kids and parents enchanted. The comfortable seating areas invite families to relax and indulge in literary adventures together. Plus, the proximity to restaurants makes it a perfect spot to combine reading and family dining.

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Blacklit :: Farmers Branch

Blacklit, owned by the wonderful Nia, not only provides a vast selection of books, but also a dedicated space for read-aloud sessions. The open interior fosters a welcoming environment for kids to explore and embrace the magic of storytelling.

Don’t be surprised to find unique art and clothing items for the whole family, some of which Nia creates on the premises. And when hunger strikes, a cafeteria-style restaurant awaits right across the street, making it an ideal family outing destination.

Deep Vellum Books :: Deep Ellum

Deep Vellum Books is a literary gem that caters to all ages, including teens and children. With a carefully curated collection of children’s books, this charming bookstore engages young minds with coloring page activities and a fun antique typewriter to play with.

Join its teen book club for older kids to explore literature together. After a day of discovery in Deep Ellum, enjoy a coffee break at a nearby cafe before settling into Deep Vellum Books for a delightful time with your little ones.

Books on a bookshelf.

Interbang Books :: Dallas

Located right in the heart of Dallas, Interbang Books stands out with its vast selection of children’s books that sparks the imagination of young readers. The layout invites kids to explore, and its regular story times make reading an interactive adventure. Don’t miss the annual “Find Waldo Here” local shop search for kids, adding a delightful twist to the bookstore visit. Plan your trip on Wednesdays and Saturdays to catch its weekly story times.

Whose Books :: Oak Cliff

A newcomer to the list, Whose Books, is a family-owned and community-focused bookstore with a heartwarming mission to promote literacy in Dallas’ southern sector. The carefully curated shelves reflect the interests of the community, and they offer a designated space for children that instantly draws young readers in.

The regular story time sessions are perfect for kids to immerse themselves in captivating tales. Don’t forget to have a chat with the owner, Claudia, to learn the touching story behind the unique name.

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Dallas is home to some of the most enchanting kid-friendly indie bookstores, where the love for reading and the joy of family time blend seamlessly. From Bibliobar’s open space and weekly story times to Whose Books’ community-focused mission, each location offers a unique experience for families seeking literary adventures.

So, moms in Dallas, gather your little bookworms and embark on a journey through these magical bookstores that will ignite a lifelong love for reading and create cherished family memories along the way.


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