Don’t Touch My Child’s Hair!


Seriously, do not touch my child’s hair. I know this seems like a very petty statement, but it is truly how I feel. My daughter has been blessed with this headfull of thick, kinky, coily, beautiful hair and while it may seem like it is screaming for you feel it; don’t. There are some reasons behind this, and I will explain below:

  1. I don’t know where your hands have been– I don’t wash my daughter’s hair every night. Once a week is the general average, so any germs that you place in her hair, she has to hold onto until it is washed. With flu season upon us, the thought of the flu virus just rolling around her curls drives me absolutely insane. Along with that, her hands are always on her head which means those germs have easy access to her face and mouth. Do me a favor, protect the babies, they get exposed to enough germs anyway.
  2. She isn’t a pet, don’t pet her– When I let my daughter wear her hair in its natural fro, I have people who always just want to come and pet her like she is an animal. Worse, they do it without asking so I feel like there is a huge lack of boundaries because you want to test the texture of her hair. I will slap your hands. My daughter is not on exhibit, do not treat her as such. It is very disrespectful, and if you don’t want me to disrespect you, do not disrespect my child.
  3. I put a lot of work into doing her hair– It takes me, on average, 4 hours to complete a wash, condition, detangle and style. Honestly, depending on how I feel, that may happen over 2 to 3 days. The hairstyle normally only lasts 3 days max unless it’s braided so every time you touch her hair, I feel like you add another 5 minutes to taking care of her hair. Do me a favor, let me keep those 5 minutes because I’m tired of doing hair.

In the end, it is just a respect thing. Touching my child’s hair is like going up to a pregnant woman and rubbing her belly when you don’t know her. Boundaries, people, boundaries!! At least ask if you can touch her hair, and if I say no, don’t become offended if I say no; just accept it and move on. We tell kids all the time to look and not touch and we as adults should practice what we preach!

What do you think moms? Does it bother you when stranger’s touch your child’s hair?

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Asia Bennett is a Texas native who received her Associate of Science in Biology from Midland College in Columbia, SC and she received both her Bachelor of Social Work and Masters of Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington in Arlington, TX. Asia is an entrepreneur who owns both an event planning company, and a Baked GoodsCompany. Asia has an extensive background in the social services field, healthcare, and early childhood education but her love for helping others has kept her passion in the social work field. She is the mother of two beautiful children Garon, age 3 and Harlem, age 1, and wife of 10 years to Cedric. Even before becoming a mom, parenting has been ingrained in her soul, and she loves to just share her research, thoughts, opinions and much more when it comes to early childhood, and parenting. In her spare time, you can catch her baking, dancing, or at a baseball game/ gymnastics rehearsal with her kids.


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