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In recent years, I’ve gotten cranky about snacks. So often, they’re nothing but empty calories and negligible nutrients. But kids still need a boost between meals, after school, on the go. It’s unavoidable. That’s why it’s important to eat good snacks, meaningful snacks, if you will.

It’s rare to find something that a) my kids like and b) I like. Now for the good news:

Have you heard about Brainiac®?

Developed by parents, for parents, specifically to address the non-nutritive quality of kids’ snacks, Brainiac makes the familiar healthy snacks kids love, powered with a blend of super nutrients for their developing brains.

They have a bunch of different kinds, but let me tell you about one that caught my eye because it’s so easy to swap with what I was buying before:

My old applesauce pouches are just smashed apples (not bad at all, but kind of empty). Brainiac has a much better take on the concept. Brainiac® Applesauce Squeezers not only provide immunity-boosting vitamin C, but they add their proprietary BrainPack to each pouch—160mg of omega-3 DHA/EPA and 120mg of choline.

What does that mean? It means one pouch has equivalent omega-3s to a kid’s serving of salmon and the same amount of choline as two cups of broccoli (!!). Here’s a quick refresher on why we love this:

Omega-3 DHA: An essential building block of brain cells that helps maintain normal brain structure, function, and metabolism. It also helps with memory formation and has been shown to improve reading performance, focus, and verbal learning.

Omega-3 EPA: Helps reduce inflammation in the brain and helps improve mood. A body doesn’t produce EPA on its own, so it’s crucial we consume it through diet.

Choline: Critical in developing neurotransmitters in the brain and shown to improve memory and learning.

Side note: I wish my kids would happily eat two cups of broccoli with a piece of salmon. For now, I’ll rely on Brainiac.

Brain nutrients | Natural ingredients | No added sugar (and low natural sugar)

All their snacks are easy to include in school lunches or any grab-and-go situation. Highly recommend giving it a try. My kids really like yogurt drinks, so we’re moving on to their smoothies next!

Brainiac® is committed to supporting communities and making brain food accessible to all. They’ve joined forces with Partnership for a Healthier America, Michelle Obama’s non-profit organization, and a portion of all Applesauce sales are donated to PHA to help fight food inequity.


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