Kathy Riojas-Crespo

Kathy is a native Texan who has lived in Carrollton since she was four. She holds a master's degree in counseling from SMU. After 13 years in public education, Kathy traded middle-school hallways for a small office in a private practice. She and her husband, Juan, are raising three children whose ages span from 21 to four years old. Following an autism diagnosis of their youngest son, Kathy has prioritized mental and physical health. Nothing prepares you for this news as a parent. Kathy credits her friends, family, faith, Trader Joe's, Orangetheory, and the occasional weekend getaway for keeping her fulfilled and sane.

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This year, gift-giving is going to look much different. I’m replacing boxes with envelopes because if there’s one thing we need less of in my home, is more stuff. Blame the shipping delays. Blame...

Holidays are Hard :: Confessions from a Special Needs Mom

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Summertime Magic

{microblog} Summertime Magic is for Mommas Too

Ten years ago, my badge of honor as a mom was proof that my kid was busy and happy, even if I was stressed and exhausted. My summertime plans were her plans because I...

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{2021} Teacher Appreciation Gift Guide

May marks the beginning of Teacher Appreciation Month. Teacher gifts don't have to be expensive. Your thoughtfulness, creativity, and time are resources that can produce something meaningful for the teachers in your life.  Every teacher...