Sorority Recruitment :: 3 Ways to Support Your Daughter


And just like that, the little girl whose tiny hugs made you melt will be off to college. For thousands of young women, sorority recruitment will be their first official college experience. The house tours. The interview rounds. The long days and nights. While you trust your daughter to navigate this experience on her own, there are several ways to show support no matter how close or far you are. 

Show Your Support through Sorority Recruitment

Surprise Her With A Care Package

Recruitment week can be consecutive days of high stress and high emotion. A small care package can alleviate some of the last-minute meltdowns when girls have almost hit their emotional limit. Nothing can stress a person out more than feeling unprepared for a big event. Items to include: chapstick, oil blotting sheets, hair ties, travel-size perfume or deodorant, mints, and tissues. 

Shower Her With Notes of Encouragement

Depending on university protocols, some girls will endure long days and nights at waiting stations before being able to go back to their rooms or have access to their phones. Before you drop off your girl at college for sorority recruitment, consider asking for notes of encouragement from the village that helped raise her. Enlist the help of the women who have a significant role in your daughter’s life. Notes from family, your friends, her friend’s moms, teachers, girl scout leaders, youth pastors, neighbors, and her friends might be the pick-me-up she needs when she’s too exhausted to call home. 

Not sure there’s enough time to recruit help? No problem, consider including notes from you that can be opened during specific times. Envelopes clearly marked with “open when you’re feeling discouraged”, “open when you need a hug from mom”, “open when you’re not sure what choice to make” are other ways to share your encouragement when your girl feels like she needs it most.

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Share In Her Excitement

You might have fond memories of your sorority years, but allow this experience to be about her. The pressure some girls face to land in the same house as sister, mom, or grandma can be intense. Remember to trust the process. No matter what house she belongs to at the end of the week, celebrate her perseverance. If possible, make plans to participate in the celebratory events like Bid Day, Initiation, or Parent Weekend. Find out if your daughter’s university chapter offers a Parent Club and consider being an active member. Some universities have social media groups that parents can join as a way to stay informed about events, philanthropic opportunities and academic achievements.  

Remember to let her know that she will always be more than her Greek letters. Every house will have something to offer to her, and the end of recruitment week is just the beginning. Sorority life is just one piece of the college experience for so many young women. 


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