An Ode To Northpark

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An Ode to NorthPark

By Bethany Thomas Jordan


I come when the stores haven’t yet opened their gates,

The mall Starbucks rises early, caffeine doesn’t wait.

The kids can run the empty halls,

At home, they were bouncing off the walls.

10616231_10152656536858698_6440867189236245433_nWe wander over to see the ducks,

Tanning lamps keep body heat from being in flux.

Who knew a simple brick planter could provide

So much fun as a perfect slide?

The shops are now waking, let’s go on a walk

To the Disney castle with mirrors that talk.

Pick a video on the Disney screen,

A moment of zen for you, this can mean.

And when you tire of hearing, “Let It Go”,

Go search for cookies: free samples, ya know.

It’s story hour at the library in the mall,

The music and dancing entertains those who are small.

Big kids? Send them to the movies upstairs.

This place really answers all of your prayers.

On a nice sunny day, La Duni is best,

To eat a meal without feeling stressed.

Adjacent to a big green lawn,

The children can play while you enjoy your prawn.

Northpark, I thank you for all you provide.

Dallas moms love you from far and wide.

Happy Monday Mamas! Now, let’s get out of the house!


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