Dallas Fun: Bookmarks Library at NorthPark Center


BookmarksIf you have not checked out Bookmarks at Northpark Mall then you are missing out on a fun and free resource for everyone!

Bookmarks is a small Children’s Library located in the center of Northpark Mall. It has a great selection of books, media, music, games, puzzles, plenty of seating for kids and parents, and it even has computers that are kid friendly! I love that unlike at regular public libraries, you don’t have to limit your child to their “whisper voice” because everyone is quietly reading, but you can let your child explore, learn, and have fun in an environment made exclusively for kids. It’s a great place to take a break with the kids from perusing the racks of Nordstrom and Banana Republic.

My favorite thing about this hot spot, is that they offer age-appropriate, free classes for you to bring your kids to. Since Kyler was just 2 months old, we’ve been enjoying the Baby Bounce Basics Clas s that is offered for infants up to 24 months. We sing songs, shake instruments, do nursery rhyme s, listen to a book or two and interact with the other babies and moms. They even offer craft times, more intensive reading classes, and even a yoga class! Did I mention these are all free?! There are classes of fered almost every day of the week, and these are worth interrupting nap time for!

These classes do tend to fill up pretty fast (because they are so fun!) so getting there early to get a good seat is always a good idea. No need to worry about where to store your stroller, they have a library employee graciously stand outside and keep an eye on all the strollers. Everyone at Bookmarks is so friendly, so don’t be surprised if you meet a friend and go grab lunch after enjoying this fantastic library!




  1. Ooh, I am excited for this one! 🙂 Just put “Baby Bounce Basics” in my calendar and plan on coming next week! Yay!

  2. bookmarks is such a great place for FREE fun. my little guy and i go to baby bounce basics and yoga almost every friday. i look forward to the yoga every week!

  3. Are there any other activities like this for moms and babies?
    Really want to go out with my baby and do stuff
    I get so bored sometimes
    Mostly because I’m still kinda new to dallas


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