6 {Printables} for National Scavenger Hunt Day


Did you know that May 24th is National Scavenger Hunt Day? I had no idea that was even a thing! But I love any reason to celebrate, so celebrate we must! To honor this fun day, I have some great ideas for kids of all ages.

You don’t have to celebrate just one day, of course. Use these hunts for your summer bucket list!

{Printable} Scavenger Hunts for Kids

Color Scavenger Hunt

color scavenger huntThis one is perfect for your younger kids. Have your toddler and preschool kids use this form to help them find and identify objects in your home in each of these colors. If you want to make it more challenging, add numbers in the boxes and have them find that amount of objects in each color.

Number Scavenger Hunt

number scavenger huntOr if you want to specifically have them focus on numbers, here is another fun hunt you can go on in the house. Have the kids check off each time they find a set of objects.

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

I know our family will be celebrating on the road this year! Check out this post for a Road Trip Scavenger Hunt, along with other fun road trip activities for kids.

Sight Word Scavenger Hunt

sight word scavenger huntMake your kid’s sight words a game! Write their sight words in each box and then go on a trip to the library or grocery store and have them look for their words on products or in books. You can even use this one at home with their personal library.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

nature scavenger huntMay is that sweet spot where it’s sunny but not too hot. Use that as your opportunity to get outside with the kids for a fun Nature Scavenger Hunt! Maybe you can even make it a contest. Team Mom vs. Team Dad, who will finish first? Take pictures of each thing you find.

Adjective Scavenger Hunt

adjective scavenger huntHere is a super fun one for your older kids who are learning the parts of speech. Have them check off this list once they have found items that can be described by each of these adjectives. Or just use this list as an example and come up with your own adjectives.

Reading Scavenger Hunt

reading scavenger huntLast is another hunt you can do from your personal or public library. Grab some books and have your kids find the items listed. You might even discover a new favorite book!

Do you plan on celebrating National Scavenger Hunt Day? Which hunt do you want to try first?


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