Are We There Yet? :: 10 Road Trip Activities For Kids


Summer in Dallas is in full swing. The AC is cranked at full blast, the kids are complaining “I’m boooored!” and mom is dreaming of a vacation! With Covid-19 also in full swing, many families are choosing road trips over air travel this summer.

I know what you’re thinking, Mom. Endless hours of hearing your kids ask “Are we there yet?” doesn’t sound like a vacation.  That’s why I have prepared 10 fun and easy prep road trip activities for your kids. Some of them with as minimal prep as clicking “add to cart”.  I call that a win! All that’s left to do is pick your destination and load the family into the minivan.

10 Minimal-Prep Road Trip Activities for Kids

1. Window Clings

An easy Dollar spot find will give you some peace and quiet as younger kiddos happily arrange and rearrange these on a window or dry erase board.  I even bring these on airplanes and they work like a charm!

2. License Plate Game

Keep your older kids busy with this fun spin on the license plate game. Take to Pinterest and print out this map of the United States. Each time your child sees a license plate from a new state, they get to color in the coordinating state. Once you reach your destination, whoever has colored in the most states wins a prize!

3. Scratch Art Books

This is the kid version of scratch-off tickets and I am here for it! For the older kids, grab one like this where they can create their own artwork. Or one with activities and mazes like this one.
For the younger kids, try a scratch and reveal book from Melissa and Doug with Safari Animals or Princesses. They have several to choose from!

4. Easter Egg Snacks

Spread out snacks and make each one a surprise. Fill plastic Easter Eggs ahead of time with small snacks such as goldfish, cereal, fruit snacks, or grapes. The kids will be delighted to see what’s inside each one and it keeps them from eating all the snacks at once!

5. Madlibs

Do you remember Madlibs? I can remember hours of belly laughs over words like diaper and smelly in the most hilarious places! Now it’s fun watching what words my daughter giggles over! I promise these are fun for the whole family! Purchase this road trip book or print off or create your own!

6. Reusable Sticker Pads

I love that these sticker sets are compact and can be used multiple times. We take them in the car, to church and waiting rooms. They are a lifesaver! Older kids might enjoy a Sticker by Number as an alternative, though these are not reusable.

7. Popcorn Storytelling

Your family might call this game something different, but the general idea is that each family member tells part of the story. When they are ready for someone else to take over they say “Popcorn!” along with the family member’s name. I always enjoy leaving my portion of the story on a cliffhanger before handing it over.

8. Alphabet I Spy

Give each child a notebook with the letters of the alphabet spaced out. Have them draw or write down things they see that start with each letter. You can even make this one competition too. If they finish they win a prize or the whole family goes out for ice cream once you reach your destination! Here is an example from my daughter’s notebook:

9. Water Art

Another fun on the go, no mess option is Water Art Pads. They have learning ones where kids can practice ABCs and 123s as well as other fun themes such as animals or dinosaurs.

10. Road trip Scavenger Hunt

Print out this fun Road Trip Scavenger Hunt and see how many things your children can find on the way to your vacation spot!
Now that you have the entertainment part of the trip down, tell us where you plan to travel to this Summer. We want to know!


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