4 Fun Ways to Enjoy Dallas’ Vibrant Arts Scene While Social Distancing


Embrace a good mess.

My parenting mantra for 2020.

Anyone who knows me in real life may find that statement out of character. I am a Type A, sweat-all-the-little-details type of gal. Make my bed first thing every morning and clear the kitchen counters last thing every evening. My desk is always neat as a pin, ne’er a stray paper in sight.

And inbox zero? It’s not just a goal, it’s a way of life.

And then there are my 4 girls.

They may strongly resemble me in appearance, but not in temperament. No organizational cravings. Perfectly content (and productive) working in a messy space. And nevermind climbing into an unmade bed at night.

The one thing all 4 of my girls are passionate about is their art. Drawing, painting, sculpting, crafting, designing. You name it, if it’s art, they’re into it.

Both my dining and breakfast rooms are currently make-shift studios. Art supplies are strewn all about, tables permanently scarred from acrylic paints, glitter glue, and alcohol markers.

Yes, the mess should be driving me bonkers. But so long as it doesn’t spill into my office space, I’ll embrace the mess in the name of art.

So how did a woman who never advanced beyond stick figures raise 4 artistic kids?

It takes a village, the village, in this case, being Dallas’ vibrant arts scene.

My kids have enjoyed art classes at the Dallas Museum of Art, plays at the Dallas Children’s Theatre, and performances of the Dallas Symphony, to name a few.

While thanks to the pandemic it’s not “business as usual” for our local arts organizations, many are “open for business” and have come up with innovative ways to share art with your kids while social distancing.

Here are 4 ways my family is continuing to enjoy the local arts scene while social distancing:

Dallas Museum of Art

Credit for my girls’ love affair with art goes to the Dallas Museum of Art.

From the time they were toddlers, they have loved art classes at the DMA. Tours of the museum, sketching in the galleries, and elaborate art projects in the art labs, all led by the wonderful Miss Leah and her staff.

Luckily for all of us, the DMA is continuing to offer its great programming for families virtually. My girls did several of their virtual classes this summer and really enjoyed them.

Family classes are currently offered in two formats, prerecorded videos and live virtual classes, and utilize common art supplies you probably already have at home. For a schedule of the DMA’s Family at Home classes and to purchase tickets, click here.

The museum itself is open for tours Thursday – Sunday. General admission tickets, as always, are free but do require a reservation. For more information and to reserve tickets, click here.

Rainbow Vomit

Crazy name, yes, but you and your kids will love it.

Rainbow Vomit is an immersive art experience covering 2,600 square feet and featuring over 8,000 balloons, 9,000 LEDs, 5,000 balloons, 200 pounds of cotton, 4 miles of ribbon, and a life-sized unicorn. At Rainbow Vomit, your kids can become the hero of their own comic, and you can capture fun memories in the over 20 Instagram worthy photo spots located in the exhibit.


Masks are required and people are admitted in small groups. My family of 6 was admitted as a “small group.”

For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.

Dallas Children’s Theatre

One of my girls’ favorite field trips is a show at the award-winning Dallas Children’s Theatre.

While there are no field trips this year, you can still enjoy performances virtually. Also, DCT is offering their Pre-K through High School acting classes virtually. For more information and to purchase tickets/register your child, click here.

Dallas Symphony Orchestra

My family has been subscribers to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra for the last 2 seasons, and the girls have really enjoyed their family programming.

The DSO is still performing this season, with the programs performed with no intermission, composed of smaller, socially-distanced orchestral ensembles, and available for streaming as part of their NEXT STAGE Digital Concert Series.

We are looking forward to the upcoming Día de los Muertos program on Halloween.

For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.

How are you sharing art with your children while social distancing?


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