3 Reasons You Should Hire AKA Photography

Dallas Moms Blog has partnered with AKA Photography as our official Dallas Moms Blog event photographer. We’re thrilled to share our experiences with you!

Over the last 6 years, I’ve gotten to know quite a few photographers. Maternity sessions, newborn photos, family portraits, group photos, and events . . . no matter what the occasion is if it requires a photographer, chances are I’ve experienced it!

Thankfully, Dallas has some AMAZING professionals who are already ready and willing to work, but finding an affordable photographer who isn’t only great with children, but can be flexible in their settings can be extremely difficult

Some photographers might only be able to shoot indoors. . . some can only shoot outdoors. Some may be great at poses . . . others only do “candid” shots. There are photographers who will gladly travel across DFW . . . others that only stay within a few miles of their own communities. When beginning your photographer search, you almost need to know exactly what you’re looking for or could end up going down a never ending list of possibilities. 

These past year, Dallas Moms Blog began working with Amy Abney of AKA Photography, and we’ve all been blown away by her work! If you’re looking for a photographer (for any occasion), I have 3 BIG reasons I can highly recommend AKA Photography to you. 


1) She Loves Working With Children!

When I hired Amy to take our family portraits for my youngest 1st Birthday, I wasn’t expecting much. As a matter of fact, I swore just 6 months before that I would never pay money for family photos again because it was like throwing our money away. Our previous family photos had been a miserable experience that was all too familiar. The angry mom yelling at her family to “Just get dressed” and “Don’t get anything on that shirt!” The begging, bribes, and then threats to get everyone to smile at the same time — only to walk away with photos that were so-so (because I’m convinced the stress oozed out of those prints).  I wasn’t going to waste another beautiful weekend and several hundred dollars for that ever again! Okay maybe not EVER — at least until all of my boys were big enough to take direction. 

But when that first birthday was coming around, it was one of those moments where I knew we had to do it. I could already imagine my youngest screaming “You don’t love me.” when I told him in 10 years that we forgot to capture his first birthday. Through a recommendation, I contacted AKA Photography and we booked an Arboretum session on a Sunday morning. 

It was raining. It was humid. All signs pointed to disaster and this was going to be that reminder of why I swore I wouldn’t do this. I had already accepted that there wouldn’t be any great photos. . . and then Amy started shooting. 

She brought her kids with her to assist, and her daughter immediately jumped in and started to make my boys laugh. I don’t remember being given a lot of direction or even having to be the one giving direction. Amy naturally talked with my boys, entertained them, and showed the around the Arboretum — sneaking shots in as she found new backgrounds and “toys” for them to be entertained by. Splashing in puddles, holding pumpkins, and even playing with Dad. 

At the end of our session, my husband and I had done little work and she took some of my FAVORITE pictures yet of my kiddos. 




2) She’s Flexible & Fast!

You may remember me saying it was a last minute decision to take our families photos? Well, it really was! 

What I love most about AKA Photography is that she makes herself available to families as often as she can — and sometimes last minute if needed. 

You’ll often find her on her Photography page sharing last minute openings at unique photo locations. If she’s discovered a spot where the wildflowers are in bloom, or the holiday lights are especially pretty, she’ll make herself available for quick mini sessions to help families capture those unique and special moments with your kids. 

She's currently booking Vitruvian Lights Mini Sessions!
She’s currently booking Vitruvian Lights Mini Sessions through December 22!

And once your session is complete, your photos come FAST! As easy as it might be to blame the photographer for those invitations or holiday cards not getting out in time, it’s highly likely AKA Photography won’t be your delay. :: wink wink :: 

3) She’s More Than A Portrait Photographer. 

I’ve worked with a variety of photographers in the past who’ve done an amazing job, but when asked to shoot outside their comfort zone of natural light photography, this is where it can get a little tricky. 

Although she considers herself a Lifestyle photographer, her skills go beyond a grassy blanket at sunset. 

Dallas Moms Blog has worked with Amy in a variety of settings — both indoors and outdoors in rainy weather and terrible sunny heat. For family events like Spooktacular 5th Birthday Bash and (our most recent) Breakfast with Santa to Moms Night Outs like Kendra Scott and Bloom. With her background in Film & Education Technology, no matter the challenge, the photos have turned out amazing! ji2a2990

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If you’re interested in booking a session with AKA Photography, visit her website or send her an email at [email protected]

Then follow along with her photography on Facebook or Instagram


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