The Best Little Christmas Display In Dallas


Most people know about the traditional stops on an area holiday light tour: Highland Park, complete with its carriage rides and the original Big Tex, the historical neighborhood of Kessler Park, and Deerfield in Plano.  These are the tried and true routes where parents load up the car, fill mugs with hot chocolate, and blare the radio on 98.7 KLUV, the all-Christmas seasonal station.  

But, let me in fill you in on a little secret: you’ve probably never heard of Liz Simmons and her zany East Dallas display.  The Hollywood Heights home is such a spectacle that Home Depot named the lights one of the nation’s top 20 displays in 2007. 12322540_10205035561838037_6866922706404957674_oAnd two years ago, the neighborhood participated in a network taping of ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight where the Dallas home was pitted against several other displays around the country.  

Be sure to take some time in the next few weeks to check out 714 Newell Ave in Dallas.  

Every inch of the 1500 square feet house is covered in around 150,000 lights.  Liz starts putting lights up after Halloween and doesn’t finish until her big debut in mid December.  

The lights are only up from December 17 to the end of December because she watches the costs on her electric bill, which triples during the month of December.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this visit will be a traditional holiday display.  Think eclectic with a touch of Tim Burton.  Liz is a creative artist and furniture designer and her unique style includes a 6-foot abominable snowman, a giant spider, and display cases on the sidewalk that include taxidermy.  Liz is unique, but her holiday spirit is beloved in the area.  My kids enjoy annually walking thru the spectacle. 

Be sure to shake Liz’ hand at the end of your tour.  She’ll be the woman smoking the cigar by the bonfire as you walk out.


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