20 Easy Ways to Identify the Mother of a Preschooler or Toddler…


IMG_9984All moms share a common bond…but mothers of preschoolers and toddlers–they have some truly unique (and kind of funny) characteristics.  I was watching a young mom pull her pants up, repeatedly, the other day…and I thought, “Yes! We moms of the under 5 set have an awful lot in common.”

See how many of these traits apply to you or the moms of young children that you know…

20. She runs outside in her pajamas one morning each week…to see the garbage truck.

19.  She is in the habit of receiving visitors and answering important questions like, “When will Elmo be on?” or “Where’s my princess dress?” while using the toilet or taking a shower.

18. She must ignore all “no food or drink allowed” signs because she has 3 packets of applesauce, 2 granola bars a sippy cup, 2 packs of saltine crackers from the last restaurant she ate at, 4 lollipops, and a few boxes of raisins sitting in the bottom of her bag.

Every mom of a preschool boy knows this is a “scraper” and an “excavator.”  freedigitalphotos.net

17. Her wardrobe is divided into three categories:  pre-baby, maternity, and an eclectic assortment of randomly sized items purchased at various points post-pardum.

16.  While riding in a vehicle with her, she randomly points out farm animals (often referring to them by their animal sounds) and construction vehicles (which she demonstrates an unusually impressive command of their proper names and functions).

15.  She is excellent at hiding things…presents, candy, that annoyingly loud toy a relative purchased…

14.  She’s a closet eater…mostly because she knows any desirable food she eats in public will have to be shared.

13.  She pulls up her pants a lot Because they still don’t fit rightSee #6.

12.  She would prefer to eat peanut butter and jelly crusts than to waste valuable nap time on activities such as preparing and eating lunch.

11. She catches herself singing Disney channel theme songs in public.

10.  She can throw a french fry over her shoulder for a direct hit into a lap in a car seat.  (Ok, maybe not always on the first try.)

9.  There is one thing that she cherishes above all else…nap time.

8.  Her fears are (in this order): running out of coffee, running out of goldfish crackers, the day when they no longer nap…(See number 9).

7.  Her nightmare is: being stuck on a deserted island with no tools to get the Christmas toys out of their manufacturer’s packaging.

6.  She habitually lies about how great vegetables taste.

5.  Her posture is a little tilted to one side… from lugging around her bag and a 40 lb. four year old (see #18).

4.  She knows the motivating power of an M&M.IMG_9292

3.  She also knows that no matter what the packaging says, there’s no such thing as a completely leak-proof sippy cup.

2.  She has an uncanny ability to find lost toys, three inches in size or less, in a 2500 square foot home.

1. When she stops to think about them growing up and going to school she gets giddy with excitement…and then starts crying uncontrollably.


  1. Can I just say that #13 must have been meant for me! I seriously laughed out loud! I can’t let an hour go by that I don’t pull up my pants. Belts just don’t make it better. 🙂


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