Heather Creekmore

Heather Creekmore
Originally an East Coast native, Heather Creekmore is a pastor’s wife living in Austin, Texas. Heather spent over a decade working in politics and marketing for non-profits before marriage and children. Now, through her own ministry, Heather speaks and writes to encourage Christian women who struggle with body image and comparison. Her first book titled, “Compared to Who?” (Leafwood, 2017) helps people find new freedom from comparison struggles. In her free time, Heather home schools four children, drives the soccer practice shuttle, makes (sometimes edible) freezer meals, competes on Netflix baking shows, and breaks grammar rules. Connect with Heather on Facebook or on her blog at: Compared to Who.

A Birthday Adventure at the American Girl Doll Store Dallas

Originally published April 2015. Updated in 2022 to reflect current pricing. Today my daughter Katie turned seven. And it was time. Time, that is, to go to the American Girl Doll Store (or palace or emporium...

Facing Summer With Your New “Mommy” Body

Let’s face it. Every baby leaves their own mark on our bodies. After my first child, my arms grew. Don’t ask me how that’s even possible. All I know is: every long-sleeved shirt in my...
pre-baby body

Mom Confession :: My Pre-Baby Body Won’t Come Back

I knew exactly what to expect as I walked down the narrow hallway. Through four full-term pregnancies and one miscarriage, I had visited the ob/gyn an estimated seventy-nine times. And though I hadn't been...
tricks for littles

My {Secret Weapons} :: Tricks for Littles from an Experienced Mom

Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, and Captain America all have one thing in common with moms.  They all have secret weapons! Yes, that's right...when faced with insurmountable obstacles like tired toddlers or colicky infants...Moms can turn...

Mom: If You Struggle to Love Your Body That’s Okay

Heather Creekmore is a former contributor of Dallas Moms Blog, and we're delighted to have her guest write for us upon the release of her new book! Affiliate Links may be included below.  If one...

Five Reasons Why You Should Get a Hobby

Today, I want to tell you about something that can change your life. No, it’s not a dryer that will automatically fold and put away your clothing. (That would be awesome.) But, when it comes...

Are Christmas Cards REALLY Necessary?

December snuck up on me again. This year, I find myself at a new crossroads wondering the answer to the question: Are Christmas cards really necessary? In our era of I-see-pictures-of-my-friends-across-the-country-every-day-on-Instagram, must I really dress...

Top Three Hotels for an Overnight Date in Dallas

Sometimes you just need to get away! And, by "away" I mean anywhere your children are not. Sure, even a few hours out can offer refreshment. But being gone overnight--missing both bedtime and the early morning...

Seven Lessons I Carried From Management to Motherhood

I stared at those words printed beside my answer tally. "Manager. 100%." The results didn't surprise me. By age four I was bossing around (er. . . rather, managing) everyone willing to comply. My management skills...

The Time I Didn’t Get Mad

Somedays, he's a handful—my middle child—the only extrovert in our gang of four kiddos. He's athletic and charming and way talkative and well, he's five. Today, he outdid himself. He moped his way through Target,...

Ten Secrets for Moms of LEGO Lovers

Do you have a little LEGO lover in your household? I have four. If you multiply the number of LEGOs in each set, times the number of sets we have, times four children, it...

Eight Things to Do When You are Done Having Babies

It’s official. You’re done! Maybe you took action, or he did. But, the option is off of the table. No. More. Babies. One day, not so long ago, I looked through tear-filled eyes at the empty...