10-ish Beverages Every Dallas Mom Should Know About


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As a mom, a dentist, and an entrepreneur, I often feel pulled in many directions when it comes to finding the perfect drink to quench my thirst. I love doing happy hour with friends and neighborhood moms, since it gives me time to relax and unwind. But I also need beverages that I can enjoy while representing my business and profession. Sometimes I need drinks that hydrate, sometimes I need drinks . . . a bit stronger.

Here are some of my go-to beverages in Dallas every mom should know, tailored to suit each occasion and purpose, with some tips on where to find my personal favorites.

Drinks to Hydrate

Let’s begin with the basics. Is water not cutting it for you? Try an eight-ouce glass of Celtic Hydration Water. Add a half teaspoon of Celtic salt and the juice of half a lime or lemon to a cup of hot or cold water. A gentle fizz accompanies this citrusy salty sip, providing a super refreshing thirst quencher that hydrates and replenishes your electrolytes. Say goodbye to Gatorade!

P.S. I recommend you drink at least half your weight in ounces of water (nothing added, not bubbly) each day to keep your body hydrated enough to run efficiently and flush out toxins.

If you’re on the go with the kids and looking for a quick and healthy meal, Cava hits all the bullet points, particularly when paired with its refreshing (and bottomless) cucumber mint lime juice. Cava calls it the cure for any midday slump — it’s not wrong.

Boozy Beverages

Ever have those days where you choose your dinner based on what you want to drink? It’s too hot, you’re too tired, the kids are too crazy, and who needs dishes? Get mama a beverage, feed the kids (run-around space helps, too), and let’s just call this Monday a Monday. Or Friday. Added bonus if there’s some good beer or entertainment for the kids — I mean, hubbies.

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Vector Brewing checks the boxes for all of the above, with creative and delicious craft beer and pizza, and a play space (‘til 8:00 p.m. when it’s adult swim time). My go-to is the Carmel Road Pinot Noir, but here’s the fun thing: It now carries sake (Soto Junmai from Japan and gluten free), which is perfectly consumed alone or paired with an ale or lager. I love its award-winning Moonsmoke! Craft beer sake bombs? Yes please!

A spicy jalapeño margarita.Grabbing cocktails with girlfriends? Resident Taqueria’s black cilantro margarita ties for first place with its spicy jalapeño margarita. Try one of each (and pair with the caramelized cauliflower taco or seasonal taco of the day), and cast your vote. Its agua frescas are also fresh and delicious if you’re looking for something zero proof.

The Mexican martini at Mariano’s is another one of my favorites, offering the flavor and freshness of a margarita paired with the brininess and knock-you-on-your-a**ness of a dirty martini.

If tequila isn’t your thing, Eataly’s Terra has a build your own gin-and-tonic menu. I’m a sucker for floral but not overly sweet libations, garnished with edible herbs.

In a quest to find a calorie-free drink with the essence of an adult beverage, I stumbled upon something called Hop Water, a carbonated water infused with the flavoring of hops. Sierra Nevada Hop Splash, made with Citra and Amarillo hops, was flavorful and relaxing, with zero alcohol and zero calories.

Java Drinks 

As a self-professed coffee-lover (and former Starbucks barista), there was a time when our only coffee choices in Dallas were Starbucks and 7-11. I’m looking at you, 2007. I hightailed it out of here and spent a few years in the Pacific Northwest –- the home of craft coffee and microbrews –-  and refused to return ‘til we had direct access to both those things and Trader Joe’s. While I love me some Starbucks, find me a local coffee joint with fresh roasted beans and you’ll be my friend for life.

Working remotely, grabbing coffee (or Mahjong) with friends, or maybe taking the kids out to lunch? Soco Bistro boasts and delivers freshly roasted coffee imported weekly from Vivace Coffee in Seattle, the mecca of American coffee. Bottomless refills come with a smile, and pair well with fresh baked pastries and delectable smoked salmon lox toast. Also of note: the curated liquor selection and creative cocktail concoctions do not disappoint.

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For something blended, with a drive-thru window (why don’t we have more drive-thru coffee shops in Dallas?), White Rock Coffee’s Adam Bomb is the bomb. My dentist-self prefers it half-sweet and blended. They also make an awesome matcha latte, if that’s your thing.

Three cups cheers coffee.

Ascension Coffee offers something a little different – the cold fashioned, a caffeinated riff on an old fashioned with its special Kyoto-style cold brew coffee, bitters, orange zest, and, of course, a luxardo cherry.

If you’re a tea lover, swing by my office, The Whole Tooth, to try one of my custom blended organic teas, a collaboration with an amazing tea maker in New Mexico. A trio of teas named Mind, Body and Smile, my favorites are “body” (desert sage, best enjoyed cold) and “smile” (green tea with an assortment of good-for-your-smile herbs). 

What are your favorite beverages in Dallas? 

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