10 Annoying Things Kids Do In Public


annoying habits

Let’s face it – kids can be annoying. No, not yours? I didn’t think so either, but turns out they can be. I absolutely love my girls (hence the photo to the left) and I get a kick out of what some might call annoying habits.

I’ll keep it real with you, I need a break from all things serious right now and I’m just looking for a good laugh! So, in a light-hearted, mom-to-mom way, let’s reminisce or relive what just happened yesterday…


Here are my top 10 annoying things kids do in public:


Well, that was a loud fart! I honestly don’t even smell my kids’ farts but sometimes they just sound gross. I just want to tell the whole world “don’t worry they’re girls, they smell like roses!”


Please don’t beg for toys! I can’t stand when kids beg for toys like it’s their earned right to have one. I try not to purchase toys unless it’s their birthday or a holiday so I have zero tolerance for this. “Mom puh-leez” needs to stop!


It’s okay, they didn’t hear you say “hi”! Yes, it’s great to be polite and say hello to people in public but sometimes they won’t respond. My kids will repeatedly say “hi” a hundred times until you acknowledge them. If you don’t they will ask you if your ears aren’t working. I wonder where they heard those words {mom of the year}.  

4. LOUD SINGINGannoying habits

“Do you want to build a snowman? C’mon let’s go and play!” Oh, my little girls, they deserve a Grammy for that spectacular Ana and Elsa duo performance, unfortunately, not everyone knows talent. Shocking, I know!


Don’t throw a fit! I can’t even understand what they’re saying during a full-blown tantrum. There I am, just a mom in distress telling myself not to cry so they don’t see my weakness. “Now, use your words my dear, use your words” is what I typically find myself saying. What does fdjfjdsakfdaaah even mean!? Accompany that with a scene from the exorcist.


The dreaded bathroom talk! We were in a stall at the mall when she asked me if I wanted to smell her poop. Enough said…  


Mom, what are THOSE!? If I’m picking up a few feminine products, my daughter would like to know where it goes, why I’m buying it and reassure me that I can “potty” again with practice.


Sisters are best friends! My dreams of this are quickly fading as the double seated grocery carts become my worst nightmare.

annoying habits9. PICKING NOSE

No looking for bats in the cave! I hope at this point; every mother has hand sanitizer on hand. We’ve got to make sure we’re at least sanitizing.


No pooping in front of strangers! I’d like to end this incomplete list on a one-man-band performance which includes farts, grunts and red faces!

I’m sure we all have a few more to add to this never-ending list. What am I missing here? We all need a good laugh to survive motherhood!



  1. This is so funny, but true!!! My favorite was personal questions in the bathroom. It drives me nuts. My kids are so loud and unapologetic. So when they say something in the bathroom, EVERYBODY hears it. ??‍♀️


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