35 Awesome Toddler Tantrums


toddler tantrumMy son has been 3 for less than a week but has already morphed into a miniature psychopath. And while I will probably go completely gray within a month, I have to admit that some of the tantrums are flat out hilarious.  So, in honor of my sweet boy’s 3rd birthday, I thought I would share some of my favorites.


Here is a list of awesome tantrums from our house as well as some shared by friends.

My toddler threw a tantrum because…

1. He wanted his arm tattoo that we washed off TWO MONTHS ago.

2.  I wouldn’t make it thunder. (It was a sunny day.)

3. He beat me at Uno.

4. I told him his sister was not a boy.

5. His cake was dirty. (It was chocolate.)

6. I looked at other people in the store.

7. I forgot to brush his teeth. (He’s cried every time I’ve tried to brush them and melted down worse when I forgot.)

8. I sat her down to brush her hair and she wanted to sit facing the other way.

9. My cellphone wouldn’t fit into his shape sorter.

10. I told him he COULD have the treat he wanted.

11. She was standing on her diaper pail (not allowed) and couldn’t back away from me due to the wall. She then cried and demanded to go THROUGH the wall.

12. I cut his muffin and refused to take it to the doctor to fix it.

13. I walked through the left door instead of the right one.

14. He wanted to talk to his Grandma on the phone.  I handed him the phone, he stood there in silence. I took the phone from him and he cried again. I handed it back, silence. Just put that story on repeat for 20 minutes.

15. He wanted to take my new car to school. I don’t have a new car.

16. She wanted me to carry her. And I was already carrying her.

17. I peeled his banana and he wanted me the peel back on. He only stopped crying when I held the peel up around the banana but as soon as I handed it to him and the peel fell off, he lost it again.

18. I gave him 3 cookies instead of 2. (Sorry I gave you more than you wanted.)

19. She saw an old home video which reminded her about a time when she was hurt.

20. She couldn’t close the car door, and cried when I helped her.

21. He put dog food in the dogs’ bowls and they ate it.

22. It’s not Valentine’s Day. (It’s May)

23. When he hangs upside down, the TV is upside down.

24. We told him to stop licking the carpet.

25. His Dad said he didn’t like Caillou.

26. 10 doesn’t come after 3. 

27. We told him he couldn’t go swimming. (It was snowing.)

28. Carmex did not turn his lips yellow.

29. I told him carrots were vegetables.

30. The butter would not melt on his pancakes.

31. Tortillas are circles, not triangles.

32. I danced. And again when I stopped.

33. All the straws at Disney World were black.

34. I told him we were going for ice cream.

35. I do not have a penis.

And while it is important to listen to, respect, and nurture children’s feelings, sometimes parents just need a good laugh. I hope these brought a smile to your face and remind you that while tantrums sure are stressful, sometimes they are also hilarious.



**This post was originally published May 23, 2014.


  1. I LOVE this. So true. #35 is the best- hands down! My toddler freaks out over a lot of the same things. Glad I am not alone!

  2. I once heard screaming from the dining room where my 2 yr old son was eating pancakes. He was beside himself bc he could only fit 5 peices of pancake on his fork instead of 6

  3. My daughter scraped her arm, claimed she was bit by a zombie and has a meltdown at the mall after her brother repeatedly told her now shes going to turn into a zombie…


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