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Does anyone else ever play “Would You Rather…” on long road trips? My husband and I love to play and try to come up with the craziest of options. His favorite that he always asks me is, “Would you rather have a PoGo stick for a leg or a grocery cart wheel for a foot?” (I think the wheel is the obvious choice, but that’s just me!)

After having a baby of my own, I often ask myself when purchasing a baby gift for someone else “would they rather have a bumbo or an outfit? a blanket or a drying rack? a boppy or a…. gift card?” It seems that I am smackdab in the middle of baby season since lots of friends and family members are having babies these days and so I’m always faced with buying the perfect gift. It’s so nice to receive the essentials and what you pain-stakingly registered for but what do moms really want? And more importantly, what do moms like to give?

A few of my shower favorites: (Boon Grass Drying Rack, Monogrammed PJ’s and Sophie the Giraffe)

Before I became a mom, I was one of those gift-givers that gave what I wanted the baby to receive- usually a cute outfit! But now that I am on the opposite side of motherhood, I feel a little more pressure to give a really good gift. No, not expensive- but one that a new mom will forever thank me for. But what exactly would that be? I received SO many fabulous gifts from friends and family and Halle wouldn’t have 90% of what she does if it weren’t for others’ generousity. It’s hard to choose one gift idea for a new mom. So I’m curious to know what you, our readers, give to new mommies.

Leave a comment! I want to know YOU give!



  1. I usually pick one good item from their registry that I, as a mom, know they’ll need (i.e. bibs, nursing pads, etc.) and then if I find something major cute or nifty that I just have to get them, I’ll do that. But only if I’ve picked one other item from their registry first! 🙂

  2. i try to get things they’ll use off their registry (and often pick things that most people don’t like buying). love sophie the giraffe! and LOVE the nose frida…it’s a must have in my book!

  3. I also usually go straight to the registry. I do the same thing for weddings. Get the people what they want! (or at least what they think they want!) I am also known to pick up a gift card, especially if I am going to drop it in the mail.

  4. I go to the registry (they picked out what they wanted) or get a gift card (so they can get off their registry what they didn’t get from shower). That is what I like people to do so I assume that is what they will want too 🙂

  5. Who wrapped that super cute gift in the photo? 😉 😉 It was me!

    I try to find the most practical items on the registry, things that are essentials that many people wouldn’t want to buy, and get those. ie, socks, hangers, bottles and bottle accessories, baby proofing items, and non-fun stuff like that. I know we tended to get all cute stuff like cloths, blanket, burp cloths and towels, and ended up having to buy a ton of tiny little essentials that we needed.


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