What I REALLY Want for Mother’s Day


mother's day With all this talk of extravagant push presents (really Kim?) and the constant sales emails filling my inbox from every major retailer with deals for Mother’s Day gifts, I thought I would sit down and think about what I really want for Mother’s Day. And I don’t want him to get it from Jared®.

Now being a Mom is hard work. Most days are spent completely putting myself on the back burner and focusing on two little ones needs, no matter how crazy and weird they are! (When do 4 year olds start confidently wiping their own bottoms?!) So when Mother’s Day rolls around I totally think I deserve a little something extra, but instead of going to the store, hunting down the perfect gift and spending money, I am going to make it easy on my husband…

  1. SLEEP – most days I am up before then sun rises scurrying about prepping for the day. It doesn’t matter if I was up late the night before or if I didn’t sleep well. Things must be done. So on Mother’s Day I would love to sleep in, drink a cup of coffee in bed without little people climbing all over me and get a nice slow start to my day.
  2. A REAL MEAL I DIDN’T PREPARE – I feel like half of my time is spent in the kitchen prepping some sort of food. Breakfast, lunches, snacks, dinner (why are kids always STARVING!?) so the idea of a good breakfast, made by someone else, that is more than the leftovers from my 4 year olds plate sounds amazing!
  3. QUIET TIME – I get it, my kids need me. But do they need me EVERY. MOMENT. OF. EVERY. DAY. WHILE. YELLING. MOMMY!? Seriously, I think I hear my name yelled 3,967,459 times a day. I hear you…I am coming! On Mother’s Day it would be lovely to have the house to myself for a couple hours to enjoy the quiet and do whatever I want. Pee by myself. Read one of the 15 magazines that have piled up in the entry hall. Maybe take a short nap…who knows things might get really crazy and I will take a hot shower knowing I won’t have to get out mid wash to tend to one of my children. Bliss.
  4. SWEET FAMILY TIME – I must be honest, after getting good sleep, eating a nice meal and enjoying some quiet time I will be missing my family. So to end Mother’s Day in the most perfect way I just need some sweet time with my kids and my husband. A trip to the park, dinner on a patio and lots of hugs and kisses. Because these people…they are my whole world and I love them to pieces!

This job is hard. It’s all consuming. It’s exhausting. It can be down right brutal at times. But the rewards? Oh man, the rewards are everything. I wouldn’t trade being a Mom to my two girls for anything. 

Happy Mother’s Day Moms! And cheers to us…we deserve it!


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