Play Street Museum in Frisco


We are always looking for a fun place to spend a few hours playing indoors, so I was happy to find the newly-opened Play Street Museum in Frisco. We dropped by a few weeks ago, and I was so impressed with this fun space that I had to share it with you!

Play Street Museum-11

Play Street Museum-4

Play Street Museum is filled with wooden playhouses modeled after Frisco icons — Kenny’s Burger Joint, Frisco Fire Station, Kroger, and more! Each playhouse has been built to the last detail. Just take a look inside the Kenny’s Burger Joint Playhouse:

Play Street Museum-3

Play Street Museum-2

Play Street Museum-1

Children can don an apron, build a velcro burger and grill it, count change, and serve up a sundae all inside the playhouse. And it’s like that in all of them!

Play Street Museum-6

Play Street Museum-14

Play Street Museum-15

My son spent hours playing in the Frisco Firehouse — I just loved the fireman outfits available for kids to wear to spark their imaginations. The Fire Station is connected to a house that’s “on fire,” equipped with a slide for the firemen to escape from the burning house. He loved it.

Play Street Museum-5

In addition to the play houses, there is a crafts area, building blocks, wooden toys, and even an area for babies.

  • Admission is $11 for children ages 1-8. Parents are free, and the museum offers free wifi.
  • With each admission, you get a wooden dollar to use to purchase a healthy snack from the museum.

We had so much fun, and I know this will become one of our favorite places to play in Frisco!

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