Out of The Comfort Zone


Every once in a while it’s time to fling oneself completely out of the comfort zone. Or swing. A few months ago I won an introductory class for two at Skyline Trapeze. That’s right, TRAPEZE. As in climb up a really tall ladder and WILLINGLY drop off to swing through the air.

I mention willingly because that part was my biggest challenge. I invited my friend and fellow mom Candace to join in the fun. We drove over to Skyline, located in Addison. After signing a waiver (because of course this activity has a waiver) we were placed in harnesses that generations ago could have been mistaken for the world’s best corset. Or torture device, depending on your perspective.

This seemed like a good idea 2 minutes ago.

Candace and I met a friendly staff member who went over safety procedures and take-off techniques. Basically you hook your harness to a rope, climb the ladder to a platform, unhook and then hook the harness to a rope managed by another staff member on the ground. This person on the ground is essential as he or she is the one who tells you when to let go and drop to the net. 

The staff member on the platform holds the loop on the back of your harness. The trapeze bar is pulled to you, which you grab with your left hand. Then, leaning out with your upper body, you grab the bar with your right hand. You do a little “hop” and off you swing. 

Skyline’s policy is “If you can climb the ladder, we will let you fly!” Up the ladder I went. It wasn’t the height that that got me; it was grabbing the bar with my right hand. My patient instructor said, “Ok, take the bar with your right hand.” I clenched the platform railing tighter. “You can do it,” she said. And with that statement I gave an answer my kindergartner has tossed at me a thousand times, “Uh-uh.”

So I took a breather. Candace yelled up encouragement. And suddenly I was holding the bar with both hands, hopped and swung.

It was absolutely terrifying. 

Told you that first swing wasn’t pretty.

My swing wasn’t graceful, nor my dismount pretty, but I landed on the net in one piece.

Because the class was small we got to swing a lot. Sometimes I went up and was able to hop immediately, other times fear got the best of me and I quivered for a moment or two (or five) before going. But I kept going. And there was something satisfying about pushing myself to do it.

Candace and I left Skyline laughing, hearts still pounding. Then we smiled, because what a great story to share with our girls. As Moms we often get caught in the daily grind. It’s so easy to forget about seeking new adventures and challenges that belong just to us.


I’ll be back!

Once in a while we all need to grab the bar with both hands.

Do you have a story about trying something that scared you to death, but you were so glad you did it? 


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